[Proposal] FAMILY DAO artisan crafts

  • African love wooden earrings each costs $25 we are requesting for 10. Production procees was told to take two weeks max
    $25 x 10 = $250

    minting at the rate of 30$ NFT will be burnt after purchase.

  • Handmade women neck-beads
    each costs $40, getting 8 = $320

Minting at the rate of $50 dollars, NFT will be burnt after purchase.

  • Bata drums
    Production of each costs $180
    Requesting for 4 = $720

minting at the rate of 200$ each NFT will be burnt after purchase.

Approximately 51 creators is expected to be onboard
22 NFTs is expected to be minted while it get while after sales of each product with NEAR

Total funds requested

@DUCHESS1 @ifeoluwa @sterryo


How does this get NEAR closer to 1 billion users?


hey @bgem it’s not very clear who will receive the sales from these NFTs, what involvement the artists have in the process and where these funds will go. Could you please clarify?


Hi my brother, @ted.iv

30% of the sales is agreed to go to family dao, for the sake of self sustainability,
and 70% of the sales is shared amongst all artisans involved in making the craft .

thank you :heart_hands: