[PROPOSAL] Effects of Web3 on Art, Science and Technology, a Monthly Vodcast Series from Thespians DAO (Season 1)

As part of us keeping our Audio-Visual Studio Space full of activities and contents, we would like to introduce a monthly Vodcast to be shot quarterly in our Visual Studio Space.

It is true that there are alot of information on Web3 and Crypto, but in my experience so far in the Ecosystem, I understand that newbies need to be talked to in a way that they are familiar with. This is why we will be inviting guests to our studio to educate and talk to our audience about the Web3 Effects on Art, Science and Technology.

It is going to be an interactive sessions between guests and we are going to learn alot doing the Vodcast.

The edited contents will be premiered on all of our social media platforms; and NEAR would be promoted before, in-between and at the end of the Vodcast.


  • To talk to our audience in our own way, and help educate them about the Web3
  • Means of reaching out to a wide range of crypto users and web3 enthusiasts.
  • Means of onboarding experience Web3 Artistes into the NEAR Ecosystem.
  • Near news and updates would be placed as a commercial in-between the Vodcasts.

Cost of Production:
Cinematography & Sound - $150
Bounty for 2 Speakers ($50 each) - $100

TOTAL - $250

Thespians DAO Audio-Visual Studio Space

Activities & timelines:
April 8th - We will be shooting in Thespians DAO Space
April 29th - we will be posting and promoting the first episode
May 27th - We will be posting the second episode

Targeted wallet - roxytheentertainer.near

Cc: @creativesdao-council