[Proposal] Development of Keypom One-Click-Connect and Documentation

Proposal Type

Innovation Fund Request

Amount Requested (in USDC)

10,000 USDC

Payout Address


Open-Source License

MIT. Open Source License.

Outcomes & Deliverables

For this project, the following will be delivered.

  • Fully implemented and polished One-Click-Connect feature and open source codebase, ready for integrations with any ecosystem project
  • All relevant documentation and tutorials needed to aid the community in integrating one-click-connect into their dApps


Keypom has traditionally been an onboarding infrastructure for the community. In the past, we’ve built out everything from basic drops to trial accounts (dApp gift cards) and everything in between. We believe an integral part of this onboarding toolbox for developers is the idea of a One-Click-Connect tool. This would allow dApps to cross-pollinate their users with other dApps without any friction presented by connecting a wallet.

A basic flow could be

  • A user, on Sweat, is browsing through ecosystem dApps in the dApp browser
  • They find a dApp they want to try, for example the Metapool.
  • They click on the dApp, and are instantly signed in and can start using the dApp

Technical Flow/Solution Architecture:

  • The initial dApp (dApp A) that the user is signed into has one of user’s full access keys
  • When the user selects a destination dApp (dApp B), dApp A creates a new limited access key, capable of calling the relevant contracts and methods for the user to use dApp B
  • dApp A then redirects the user to dApp B, with the newly created LAK in the URL
  • The Keypom One-Click-Connect plugin recognizes this LAK, and ensures the validity of the key.
  • Once the key is validated, the user is automatically signed into dApp B.

Note that if the user attempts a transaction on dApp B that cannot be performed by a LAK, the Keypom One-Click-Connect plugin will prompt the user to sign the transaction using their full access key by redirecting to their home wallet (as outlined in the url).

QA, Testing and Documentation

QA, testing, and documentation of the One-Click-Connect feature will be handled extensively in-house prior to the release by Benji and Min, as has been the case with many other Keypom features. Developer support will supplement the documentation as part of our community support effort, again carried out by Benji and Min.

In addition, as part of One-Click-Connect rollout, we will also be partnering and integrating with SWEAT - providing our team with critical real-world feedback and input.

Ecosystem Impact

In our conversations with NEAR Foundation, SWEAT, and other partners, it was made very apparent that One-Click-Connect is a critical feature for dApps across the ecosystem. At the moment, every dApp has a barrier to entry that is connecting a wallet. One-Click-Connect would allow for the entire ecosystem of dApps to share a single barrier to entry rather than one for each dApp.

It is also an excellent opportunity for more user-facing web2 style dApps to expand their user’s experience, by maintaining the low barrier to entry across multiple different dApps.

Future Work

Beyond NEAR focused One-Click-Connect, the Keypom team is also looking at the possibility of developing a Multichain One-Click-Connect, allowing for NEAR dApps to instantly sign their users into dApps in other ecosystems. For example, a user on SWEAT could sign in to the OpenSea NFT Marketplace, all from their iOS app. From a consumer perspective, this effectively allows NEAR to be a gateway into the entire blockchain world. Several of our partners have already expressed interest in such a feature, and it will be in consideration during the development of One-Click-Connect outlined in this proposal.

Relevance to Onboard DAO

“Onboard DAO aims to bring the leading developers and founders tackling issues for onboarding, conversion, and retention for users, and support collaboration & development of critical Wallet + onboarding infrastructure.”

We believe that One-Click-Connect plays a pivotal role in the development of onboarding infrastructure on NEAR by drastically reducing the barrier to entry for all dApps in the ecosystem and promoting the cross-pollination of user-bases. This belief is perfectly aligned with Onboard DAO’s mission of developing critical onboarding infrastructure.

Team & Relevant Background

Outline team and relevant background for each team member. Mention relevance to NEAR ecosystem, Web3 and building open source technology. Tag team members in governance forum and link to twitter, linkedin and other relevant social medias.

Benjamin Kurrek (Benji)

Benji is an ecosystem OG, having joined NEAR pre-mainnet back in 2021. He launched Fayyr, an NFT marketplace prior to joining NEAR (later Pagoda) as a DevRel and Software Engineer. During this time at Pagoda, he founded Keypom alongside Matt Lockyer in 2022 and has been consistently building and shipping onboarding/infrastructure public goods.

Min Lu

Min has building in NEAR for 2 years and has been a DevRel engineer at Keypom for most its operation. In that time, he’s created docs.keypom.xyz as well as supported developers and partners alike in bringing web2 style onboarding to their dApps.

Both Benji and Min are returning to Keypom full-time now, following the completion of their 5 year Engineering undergraduate at the University of Waterloo.

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