[Proposal] Dev Guild

Hello, people of NEARverse! :wave:

We are Dev Guild! :man_dancing:
Starting out as Hackathon Guild(see the proposal here), we expanded our scope and vision to create more developer engagement, participate in more events and really just have a simpler name - Dev Guild! :computer:

  • Guild Name: Dev Guild
  • Guild Leader : Pratik Parmar(@thechosenone), Pranshu Khanna(@pransh)
  • Guild Location : Worldwide
  • Guild Details:
    • Vision/Mission: Build a community of Web 3.0 warriors who can build, succeed and repeat. The idea here is to provide access and support where needed and create opportunities in existing and new communities to reach far wide and far high in the ecosystem. We are extremely excited to get this going - join us for a wild ride! gm :sunglasses:
    • Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membership you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience you’re looking to reach with your activities)?:
      Literally, anyone who’s passionate and has experience building anything on the internet.
    • What kind of value is your Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?:
      We bring loads of opportunities for people who are interested in building with/on NEAR and hosting events, hackathons, concerts, Model United Nations, and wherever your mind runs, where people can build on with/on NEAR.

Stay tuned for what’s coming up.

  • How can community members join your Guild? (i.e. social media channels, by commenting on this post, etc.):
    Community members can fill up this form to join the Guild: https://forms.gle/n7NpcnQm4gGDwiAS9

Feel free to share any suggestions or ask any queries in the comments.


Hey there ! Nice to meet you guys, will like to see more about you, I am working in the Guild Ops from the Near Concierge program so feel free to reach me out if you need help.

Telegram: FritzWagner
Discord: FritzWagner#6722

That’s literally everyone here in this awesome community :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I believe some Devs I know could find in your Guild a good opportunity. Will share this with the devs from the DiR programs we run with NEAR Hispano with the NEAR Venezuela Dev Members:

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Hello @pransh, nice to have you here, let me introduce myself I’m Jose from the Guild Ops team. Please contact me or @FritzWorm to sync about your guild.

Discord: josel | NEAR#2233
Telegram: jloc_NEAR

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Hi @FritzWorm :wave:

Thank you for the warm welcome :heart:

That’s exactly who we are, and what we want. Perfect match! :handshake:

Thank you for sharing these resources, I’ll check them out and reach out as we move forward. I’m sure you’ll be NEAR me. :smile_cat:

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Hello @Jloc :wave:

Thank you for welcoming us, I’ll get in touch with you on Discord and hope to get on a call with you and @FritzWorm by next week to sync up. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

cc: @theChosenOne

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Hey @pransh it’s a great idea! Please contact Near DevRel team if you have an experience of developer engagement to share.
Btw do you (or other guild councils) have public Github repos or open source projects built on NEAR?


Definitely @zavodil! We’re planning to connect with the NEAR DevRel team soon and understand how we can align our Developer Engagement initiatives.

Unfortunately, we haven’t built any open source project on NEAR yet but we can assure you we already have something in the pipeline.

Happy new year @pransh & @theChosenOne. I was a fan of the Hackathon guild so I’m super glad to see it transition to something even better.

I’ll get in touch to join the guild when I’m ready to start building on NEAR - currently honing my rustlang skills and won’t hesitate to get in touch when I’ve a foundation.

Good luck. I’ll keep an eye out for Dev Guild updates moving forward :slightly_smiling_face: