[Proposal Detail] Vital Point AI (Catalyst/OWS) - Work Completed August 15th - August 21st

For review by @ALuhning

Values calculated at NEAR moving average August 21st: 5.81 CAD

Introduction of budget enforcement – 150 NEAR

  • Added enforcement for funding commitments exceeding total budget
  • Introduced association between funding commitments and the opportunities to which they refer
  • Added enforcement to prevent duplicate proposals exceeding total budget
  • Added logic to dynamically reduce budget as proposals pass

Error correction and small fixes: 5 NEAR

  • Correcting small component errors to prevent rippling effects throughout application

External Meetings with OWS team: 10 NEAR

  • August 18th: Catalyst stand-up, and feature demonstration / discussion
  • August 21st: Workflow review and discussion

Daily Internal Meetings: 35 NEAR

  • Discussion of budget logic/enforcement requirements
  • Dedication of responsibilities for following week
  • Task prioritization

Thanks. Good to submit payout proposal.