[PROPOSAL] DAPP Near's BookShop

Books have proven to be the most important pillar of culture, which is why we seek to give it a home on the web 3.0, where writers from anywhere in the world can share their wonderful stories, scientific discoveries or any composition they like and Make them known without the need for intermediaries.

Book publishing process

  1. The user logs into the application, using his NEAR account
  2. The user will enter a section called “my publications”
  3. He will press the button to add a new publication and will complete the required fields, in which the copyright clauses will be explained.
  4. This application will be added to the waiting list for editor review.
  5. Editors will apply to the publication
  6. The writer may choose from the list of postulated editors
  7. If approved by 2 editors, a nft of the pdf file will be created with copies defined by the author, which will be placed on the market.
  8. If rejected, the author will be able to read the editor’s review and change the information of the generated proposal.


  • Transparent royalty payment for writers and editors’
  • An open market for the creation of high-value cultural content
  • A commercial broadcast medium for writers

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Initial design for web interface


Nice Design for your FrontEnd. And the books are the pilar of learning, great Idea!!