[Proposal] Culinary DAO’s Collaboration With MarmaJ DAO Bounty

[Proposal] Culinary DAO’s Collaboration With MarmaJ DAO Bounty

One of our goals as a community is to build a healthy collaborations with other DAOs, while working together to build a bigger and stronger Near web3 community. This is why we are starting a project that will enable us to collaborate with a good number of existing DAOs.
We are starting off this project with a collaboration with the MarmaJ community.

This project is about creating a replica of the MarmaJ Chan character as either a pastry or icing a cake.

Here is the description of the MarmaJ Chan character/mascot.


To participate:

  • Read the description of MarmaJ Chan

  • Make a pastry or ice a cake to fit the descriptions above.

  • Record a short video of yourself doing the above. (This is to ascertain that you made the pastry or iced the cake yourself :smile::smile:)

  • Take a high quality picture of your finished pastry or iced cake and post it here.

6 winners with the most impressive MarmaJ Chan characters (following the official descriptions) will be selected.

The bounty will be concluded with a meeting on MarmaJ Beach on Nearhub where a few talks on Near and NFTs will be shared and the winners will be announced.

MarmaJ community will select 3 entries for 8.19 Near each.

Culinary DAO will institute judges who select the 6 best entries from which three winners will be shortlisted by member polls on AstroDAO.


*Creation of at least 15 NFTs

*Creating of our store on mintbase

*Onboarding of new members

*Increased community engagement


Creating our store on mintbase: 6.5N

Graphics & Animations $100

First best 10 entries $200
Overall winners: $220
Judges: $250

Total: $800

Participants must have a Near wallet and an account on gov.near.org