[proposal] creative motion dao funding request for june

[Proposal] for creative motion DAO

Project name: creative motion DAO

Council Members:

Me: @Psalmy



As a new project we are just 3 members for now

Target Wallet to be funded to: creative-motion-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 1,440$



Projects & Timelines:
Task1: Starting the month of June with a creative motion bounty

[Bounty ]

Show us your motion creativity

This is a creative motion DAO monthly project where we open a bounty once in a month to reward the best creator on our DAO.


How to participate?

  • Post an awesome design on your twitter related to creative motion art work…. And tag 3 friends
  • post your twitter link of your art directly here below this bounty post on the forum

We have three categories:

  • Council members of creative motion DAO would choice the 1st :1st_place_medal: winner according to his or her creativity 150$ prize in $Near and an NFT from us worth 50$ which would be minted on Mintbase
  • 2nd position wins according to council vote and highest likes on forum 100$
  • 3rd position 50$
  • Most engaged and neatly posted work(write up )on twitter gets 25$

All participants should ensure to follow us on twitter to be eligible to participate on this bounty, you can reach us on telegram if you’ve questions concerning our DAO or bounty

Timeline for the bounty

10th of June -25th of June

Bounty starts: June 10th the bounty would be posted

Bounty ends: June 25th

Winner would be announced on our different socials including the forum for transparency

Total funds for task1

200$+100$+50$+25$= 375$

Task2: DAO base

Making contents, DAO base on our Socials to keep our community lively on twitter and Reddit(my person Reddit account “u/psalmyb” would be used to post on “r/near protocol” )50$ for each post. A post involves (video, content writing and a good tweet and threads ) in a week 3 videos posted making 3 by 50$ =150$ weekly

150$ weekly by 4weeks in a month that’s 150$ by 4 given a budget of 600$

Social media management for Reddit, twitter and discord 25$ each that’s 75$

DAO management 300$

Total on task 2

300$+600$+75$= 975$


Community engagement

A. Fun & games on discord

Hosting a game on discord [https://discord.gg/NCzTtN4N ]winner gets

1st price 10$

2nd price 5$

All in $near, this event would hold every weekend, once every week that’s 4x monthly…4(10$+5$) that’s 15$ by 4month making 60$

Creation of our personal logo 50$

Total amount in Task 3


All important gaming event would be posted on our social to build the community and introduce new visitors to our community, to grow ……

We are in for collabs: in music, dance videos in near future when we’ve grown our social we would introduce a promotional scheme,hype and collab for any community under near

Report would be transparent and posted after all activities have been executed consecutively

Total funding from task1,2,3

Total funding: 90$+975$+375$= 1,440$
Hi @creativesdao-council


Nice one bro
We ready for this!!:muscle:t4:


Hi there great creative council leaders

@hevertonharieno @FritzWorm @ted.iv@Monish016@adrianseneca
Please can I have a response on my proposal


This is going to be a blast, Cant wait to rock it all up​:fire::comet:

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Hey, @Psalmy Thank you for the Proposal, I wish to convey that the Creatives DAO won’t be able to fund any news DAOs/Guilds for the next two months.

Pls find more info here


@Psalmy also, the window for proposals runs from the 1st to the 7th of each month. When funding for new DAO’s is accepted again, keep an eye on these deadlines.

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Great understood!
So what’s your advice I do, since the creative no longer accept DAO proposal, with reasons not cleared to me yet, am I to continue with activities till the issues of DAO is resolved or should be on hold for now

Creatives is a support tool for DAO’s, but it is not a mandatory mechanism for delivering funds. A DAO’s activities are defined by the DAO, not the Creatives. If you believe you can have activities without the requested funds in question, go ahead. Whether these resources are essential for carrying out its activities depends on the adequacy of the guidelines of this vertical and the approval of the community. We decided that the best thing for this community is to wait for the transition before receiving new DAO’s, also to ensure that Creatives will be able to continue funding old and new DAO’s for longer. The community’s goal is always to try to ensure that more and more projects can emerge and continue to exist within this ecosystem. =)


@hevertonharieno if I may understand, creative DAO no long welcome new DAO/Guild neither we they fund project from new DAO

Yh sure @Styleherbalist i think they want to work with the DAO that’s already existing to see results, but with @Monish016 comment in 2 months time they can consider new DAO/guilds


Okay, now I understand… Why I’m asking is because I’m planning to introduce a Guild… But let me wait till next two months @Psalmy

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Well understood… @Roxy