[Proposal] Collaboration Opportunity Between Afrikana Cinematik Universe and Near Ecosystem through Planet Lukukul Spaces

Greeting everyone, I’m Achi Oyemike, a music artist popularly known as Radar X and Founder of Afrikana Cinematik Universe. I’m excited to share this wonderful initiative.

Afrikana Cinematik Universe Overview:
Afrikana Cinematik Universe is a pioneering project that seamlessly weaves together art, African culture and heritage, music, storytelling, and technology. Our universe is a vibrant mosaic of narratives, drawing from the diverse tapestry of African cultures while envisioning a future-conscious world. With innovative storytelling, we delve into the intricacies of humanity, technology, and the arts.

Role of Planet Lukukul:
As an engaged member of the Planet Lukukul community, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the ideals it embodies. Planet Lukukul not only serves as a sanctuary for creators seeking liberation and empowerment but also fosters female creative empowerment. It seamlessly aligns with our mission to elevate organic art forms and empower artists in an increasingly technologically advanced world.

Weekly Spaces on Planet Lukukul’s Twitter:
To foster a deeper connection between the Afrikana Cinematik Universe and the Near Ecosystem, I propose hosting weekly spaces on Planet Lukukul’s Twitter. These spaces will serve as engaging platforms where we discuss a diverse range of topics. These include the NEAR ecosystem’s transformative potential, the fusion of African arts, music, the preservation of African stories and cultures, insights into the future of creative endeavors, and updates on collaborative projects.


Engagement and Community Building: Hosting weekly spaces will create an interactive dialogue between the Afrikana Cinematik Universe and Planet Lukukul’s community. This will foster a sense of belonging and facilitate knowledge sharing.

Enhanced Visibility for Planet Lukukul: By associating our universe with the innovative initiatives of Planet Lukukul, we aim to amplify its presence, emphasizing its role as a catalyst for creative liberation.

Educational Platform: Through these spaces, we will offer educational discussions, helping participants understand the NEAR ecosystem, technological advancements, and the power of collaborative storytelling.

Requested Funding:
We are seeking funding of $300 for the months of September and October.

Total - $300

Target Wallet: radarxtraordinary.near

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