[ Proposal ] CAPITAL GUILD creative space installment funding request

Hello creatives.

i remain EL KHUSH an Afro infusion artist/Brand, a community builder, founder and a moderator of Capital Guild community, it has been a wonderful experience building and growing with a community of brave creatives and humans, we have a goal driven plan and ambition to grow and build to a point of sustainability thus the need for this proposal.

From the creation of the Capital Guild community, we drafted a Roadmap that would provide sustainability for us as a community so we would not continue to depend on getting funded by Creatives DAO & NF.




So far we have proposed and completed projects for

May: https://gov.near.org/t/report-may-monthly-report-for-capital-guild/22163?u=elkhush

June: https://gov.near.org/t/report-capital-guild-community-june-project/24347?u=elkhush

which has further given us cause to consider having a creative space, this would help us to save costs of projects which always requires, renting of spaces, hiring people for coverage and equipments.
Creatives space costs $5000



MAKE UP STUDIO: The Make up studio is an idea for Models, this would be a space for models and make up artists to creatively create and practice their art.

RECORDING STUDIO: The studio will be open to all audio recording and performing artists, it will allow artists access to equipments for making their art, it will also be the stage for the future plans for Capital Guild community FM/Blog.

DANCE STUDIO: The dance studio will have a Chroma background on the stage as all activities here will be edited with the web3 and metaverse effects as seen in the video below:

ART VILLA: The art village will be decorated and designed with artworks and artifacts for art creators to have a space for making art/NFTs.

MEDIA ROOM: The media room will be the brain box of the community where all created NFTs will be minted, it’ll be a learning space for activities like Marketing, website management, Voxedit, Magical Voxel and other NFT creating softwares. It will also serve as an Information center.

Due to the cost of the creative space as mentioned above $5000, we have considered to request for funding in installments of 3 months starting July, this will allow the community members to propose for project funding and community activities, we will be providing receipts of payment in installments as we proceed with payments.

first funding request = $2,000
Target: captalguild.sputnik-dao.near

i am always available for clarifications.

Cc @creativesdao-council


This will be a great addition :pray:

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