[introduction] capital guild

Hello Near Community!
We’re delighted to present to you, CAPITAL GUILD

which was born from the Abuja cross Dao on boarding event with the C1 Guild and @NxM held and inspired by a common interest from creatives who have been contributing to the web3 communities and ecosystem.

THE LOGO explained by:
The 2 stage lights on both sides of the logo signifies the basic principle of Capital Guild which is to bring creatives (including disabled Creatives) to the light and make their art visually recognized while still earning from sales of their NFTS.

The microphone represents singers, comedians, comediannes, Poets, Spoken word artists and other creatives that use their voice.

The Male dancer represents dancers from all niche while the aerobics lady signifies any other creative talents that stands out from the initially stated talents.

In general, Capital Guild is here to create a stage for creatives from all niches to shine, earn and grow respectively using the Near Ecosystem.

Building a creative space and stage where creatives like Musical artists, Dancers, Writers, models, Fine Artist and Footballers can perform/showcase their talents and then we will have it recorded and minted as NFTs, we are also open to every other creatives that wants to be a part of our community within Abuja the Capital City of Nigeria We’ll also be collaborating with other guilds and communities on projects and ideas that will be developing creatives in the CAPITAL GUILD Community we are a charitable community supporting and assisting the less privilege in the city of Abuja.

Capital Guild which was derived from Abuja the Capital City of Nigeria, is inspired towards supporting creatives to showcase their talents and to teach them showmanship and performances, it is a community that is built on awakening lost and what seams to be like a farfetched dream for creatives with dreams of stage performance & showcasing their talent to the world and the web3 communities.

NOTE: Every NFT in our store will have a physical unlockable depending on the art purchased.

Our main mission as a community is to on board new creatives and to also create a platform for stage performances thereby teaching creatives showmanship and stage usage, this will teach them how to showcase their talents and professionally grow to greater dimensions, so as a community we will be staging performances and having it recorded as NFTs and then we will be supporting the less privilege and also considering talented creatives amongst the less privileged.

Our Vision as a community is to welcome and create an open performing academy/creative space for creatives in Abuja and the web3 ecosystem.



i was the host artist for the abuja on boarding cross Dao event with the C1 community.

i’m also the current host for the C1 community Tv workshop A report for the ongoing C1 guild weekly workshop f
I also worked on my first NFTS audio project with the @NxM [Approved] An EP Project for the Abuja C1 guild/NXM tour - #10 by ELKHUSH
I’ve also been featured on the AfroFuture Radio

Active member of: Telegram: Contact @c1_guild
Active member: Telegram: Contact @theNxM
Active member: Telegram: Contact @thebeatdao
Role For Capital Guild:
Council leader/Artist/ Footballers Management; This means that i will be managing creatives, providing them with necessary web3 tools, knowledge and pointing creatives to the right direction relating to these mentioned field of art, I’ll also be working with a team to strategize for showcasing of footballers in the web3 space which isn’t very common and assisting artist to better their musical talents.

IG: https://instagram.com/joyceozoihuofficial?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Queen Joy is a beauty queen and a legal practitioner she’s also the ambassador to the C1 Guild Community, she also just completed her book presentation with the C1 GUILD IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE A Book NFTs by Barr Ozoihu Akunna Joy - YouTube
Active member: C1 Guild/Ambassador. Telegram: Contact @c1_guild
Capital Guild/council leader https://t.me/c:
Council leader/Writers/Models management:
This means that she will be managing creatives, providing them with necessary web3 tools, knowledge and pointing creatives to the right direction relating to these mentioned field of art, she’ll also be working with a team to provide opportunities for models, writers and spoken word artists for collaborations with guilds that are more focused on these creatives.


Active member: C1 Guild. Telegram: Contact @c1_guild
Discord management: Telegram: Contact @theNxM
Active member: Telegram: Contact @thebeatdao
Council leader/Dancers/marketing management:
This means that he will be managing creatives, providing them with necessary information on how to approach the Marketing Dao for support on projects, he’ll also be working with a team to strategize for the community and approach the Marketing Dao on how to get our products and services promoted.

Tech/web/developers management:
This means that he will be managing creatives, providing them with necessary web3 tools, knowledge and pointing creatives to the right direction relating to these mentioned field of art, he will also be managing the community’s website development and maintenance including our discord channel and other tech related field.

Is an NFT Afro Recording and performing artist and has featured a few celebrity artists in Nigeria including PERUZZI https://instagram.com/peruzzi_vibes?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
His feature got 110k YouTube streams BILLI ABEG X PERUZZI - YouTube and he has mastered the art of stage usage and live performances.
Stage Performance/Showmanship management:
This means that he will be managing creatives, providing them with necessary web3 tools, knowledge and pointing creatives to the right direction relating to these mentioned field of art, he’ll also be supporting creatives and artists on how to showcase their art, stage management and risk management as a creative.

Is a professional graphic design artist and an Illustrator, the CAPITAL GUILD logo was idealized and designed by him.
Graphics/Illustrations management:
This means that he will be handling the community graphic designs, illustrations for creatives, managing graphics and illustrations creatives, providing them with necessary web3 tools, knowledge and pointing creatives to the right direction relating to these mentioned field of art.

Our community will be funding substantial projects that will add to the growth of our community and the web3 communities also considering long term plans to keep contributing and building the web3 space, this simply means that projects from creatives will be for a long term, this will also in turn onboard people as it goes on.

We will not be funding projects without a clear vision and time frame of completion, this simply means that only sustainable projects that have a good vision of start and finish will be considered for funding.

Our main objectives as a community is to set a record as a community that helps creatives to visually express their art and showcase their talent, this will give them a voice and a ground to stand on. As a community we will also be supporting creatives to have visuals for their projects and also teaching them how to be a performer for their art.

As a web3 community, we value the essence of educating members of the community because it is the first tool of empowerment, knowledge is power, so we will be collaborating with other educational Daos to educate the creatives about web3 knowledge and also provide tools to help equip creatives on their journey into the web3 space.


Creative space/Hub project will be considered for every month until it’s fully set up for.

Community project
Sensitization of all newly onboarded members/ deployment of our marketplace store.

Audio NFT musical performances
Dance NFT performance
Community project

Council leaders project presentations
Educative seminar
Projects from community members

Auction/Open house auction.
Exploring the different web3 tools
Projects from community members

Fun on set
Projects from community members

Capital Guild Festival
Projects from community members

Projects from community members.

NOTE: Aside the month’s community projects, we will also be allowing members of the community to present their projects for consideration and funding, then we will take it up to the Creative Dao for funding as a community.

We have also created social media pages as tools for promoting the community and projects, they are not yet fully functional because we tend to start with projects outlined for the months ahead and projects from creatives.

We achieved a total of 72 Near wallet activation of 0.1Near at the onboarding event and we had created a telegram group where at least 39 members were added Telegram: Join Group Chat but we have been reshuffling and had to create a new official telegram group for the community where we have been gradually sensitizing more people and also adding the active and serious people in the group, we currently have at least 20 active members currently in the group Telegram: Contact @capitalguild

IG: https://instagram.com/guildcapital?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/capital_guild?s=21
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCqVluQql5C6vK778OrHOUjA.
TikTok: I am CAPITAL GUILD on TikTok. To download the app and watch more videos, tap:https://m.tiktok.com/invitef/download?username=muser&platform=copy

We have also created a discord channel for community calls, AMAs, projects discussions and supervision and to keep records of active members.

@FritzWorm @chloe @tabear @Monish016 @JCB @Dedeukwu @ted.iv


Hey, @ELKHUSH Pleased to see the Capital guild, Love the Initiative. Keep Rocking


Thank you Fam, we’re super stoked and delighted for this initiative and we’re looking forward to being accepted as contributors to the web3 family.


@Sammiee @Royaltyjoy @Sochika @Billibillion @Saintvic @boy_chula


I love the vision and mission , great one @ELKHUSH as I can see you came with full force lol, great team

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Lol thank you Fam LFfffgggg

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