[proposal] C1 / Shiny Gloves / Everyone Eats Entertainment


We propose to create content for a unlockable video NFT release between C1, Shiny Gloves and Everyone Eats Entertainment.

This video will be the second tier NFT for ClassiQ’s 6 NFT drop strategy with EEE. ClassiQ is regarded as one of Northern Nigeria’s most popular artists. He has amassed millions of views with a social media following in the hundreds of thousands.



The video we will create, will be of ClassiQ interacting with fans in their respective communities while promoting his NFT release. It will take the format of a documentary / music video and can be edited in ways that he can use some for social media marketing content and then the exclusive tier two NFT released by EEE.

C1 and Shiny gloves will use a percentage of the revenue (20% of ClassiQ’s gross for tier 2) to contribute to a new Shiny Gloves Club music lab which would be a new lab deployed under the partnership, where we will have access to promote NFT and blockchain technology. As a music lab is an expensive set up, it would only be a contribution for the time being. Funds would be entered to a DAO where we can build towards the deployment.

Content generated in the lab can be made into collections on the Music Feast Market under C1’s audio collections.

Music Feast marketplace is set to launch March 31st with a nearweek AMA that will future DJ Whoo Kid, we plan to make ClassiQs collection visible to the fans brought in through Whoo Kid’s own marketing campaigns.



Through the two artists mentioned in this proposal we have a visibility reach to over 1.3 million potential users.

For the creation of this NFT project, we request the amount of $1000.00 in stable coin. This will cover the cost of a film crew, pre and post production, and all travels and artist welfare.