[Proposal] BURLESQUE DAO - August-2022


Council Members:

Total Requested Funding Amount: $300

Fellow Members in the house

This is our first proposal in which we intend to kick start this event with an open bounty for best joke captured in 1min. This event is initiated to create awareness about BURLESQUE DAO and also to on-board Creatives around the world through social media to the ecosystem.

(info: video of him or herself cracking 1min joke)

The primary aim of this activity is to create awareness and also to onboard new member.

This competition will be promoted on all social platforms and also we will create E-form for contestant so as to get proper information about our contestants,as we hope to expect more engagement.

E-form will be have some essential requirements which are;

opening of near wallet
joining our telegram group(for further info)

Meanwhile this event might determine who will be a main character for our comedy skit.

Budget Breakdown:
1st gets 60$
2nd gets 50$
3rd gets 40$

Social media ads : 50$

You are welcome to join our telegram (Telegram: Contact @burlequedao)

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