[PROPOSAL] Bounties for Digital Art classes on Metaverse DAO

[PROPOSAL] Bounties for Digital Art classes on Metaverse DAO

Proponent : Metaverse DAO

NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Timeline: April 5th – 30th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to find and hire digital art teachers in the NEAR Ecosystem to do some digital art classes in the Metaverse DAO parcel.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this project are: creation of different stiles of digital art; engage the community of NEAR protocol, give to them a chance to share their knowledge and to earn money from it; Decentralize the DAO money for other members of the ecosystem; Provide art knowledge for beginners to present them the digital art and the possibility and with this, make the ecosystem stronger.

The project: In the meters to bring new artists to NEAR protocol and expand the skill of already artist of the ecosystem we will host 4 digital art classes. With this beginners share abilitys we intend to uphold new people to participate more in NEAR protocol.
Those class will be given by NEAR protocol members that have skills to share about digital art. For this we will set a bounty and the council and members will decide the 4 best choices. The classes will be in the criptovoxel Metaverse DAO parcel and we intent to mint the poster of the classes and some final results of the students.


  • First Week:

Set the bounty in the NEAR forum
Select 4 art teachers (of all kind of digital art)

  • Second week:

Organize dates and necessary things to the classes
Divulgation and spreed of the classes

  • Third week:

realization of 2 art classes (with limited number of students)

  • Forth week

realization of 2 art classes (with limited number of students)

100 USD for 4 selected teacher from the bounty.


Final Products: Classes at Metaverse DAO Parcel; minted posters with the classes information; people with new art skills; our classes upload at youtube, transformed in NFT and minted


[REPORT] Bounties for digital art classes on Metaverse DAO - April 2022

Project participants

The classes happened on May 4th. The teachers selected to give the classes were:

@Toddpham with Monochromatic posters

@Kodandi with Principles of art and design

@Calebav with Generative art

Project Status Completed

Project Accounting

We had 5 members of the ecosystem with class proposals.

We decided to create a big day of art classes due the short time that we had.

Each class had 1,5 hour and the videos will be minted at our shop.

We share the activity in our social media and telegram groups.

Even with a short time to share the event we had 19 subscribers for the 6 hour of classes.

Each teacher will receive a payout of 100 DAI (waiting payout request)

Because of last minute problems one of the 4 classes needed to be canceled.

What we have accomplished in April

A big event of Digital Art Class with 3 teachers and 4,5 hours of content.


That a day of class isn’t hard to accomplish.

We learn that we have a lot of great artists and teachers in the ecosystem.

Next Steps

We intend to make a Art Day once a month to generate more artists to create more work to be spread on Near Protocol

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The classes were so good!! I’ve loved watching them :smiley:

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Yep, love to see other people doing digital art, its so much knowledge !

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generative art by Zydron at metaverseDAO .pdf (1,2,MB)
Hello Im sharing my presentation and the code is at the link:

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Thanks Caleb :smiley:
That’s very generous!

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Videos from the classes given on May 4th, edited, posted and minted by @klarakopi (no additional cost)

  • First class: Monochrome Poster by @toddpham


Mintbase NFT:

  • Second class: Principles of Art and Design by @kodandi


Mintbase NFT:

  • Third class: Generative Art by @calebav


Mintbase NFT:


@toddpham @kodandi @calebav sent your wallets an NFT for your class historical record :slight_smile:


kodandi.near :slight_smile: so excited to see the next art class day!!!


And here is the link to download my slides for anyone who is interested ARTDESIGNpresentationMetaverseDAO.pdf - Google Drive