[PROPOSAL] Atocha Game Guild Launch

Atocha Game Guild Proposal

Atocha Protocol Growth Metric

Atocha Protocol Social Media Growth Metric from Jan22 to Apr22 to Jun22

Twitter: Started in July 2021, around 1,000 (Jan22) to 10,000 (Apr22) to 11,000 (Jun22)

Discord: Started in Oct 2021, around 500 (Jan22) to 7,000 (Apr22) to 6,200 (Jun22)

Telegram: Started in Oct 2021, around 50 (Jan22) to 1,800 (Apr22) to 2,900 (Jun22)

Facebook: Started in Oct 2021, around 10 (Jan22) to 110 (Apr22) to 700 (Jun22)

Linkedin: Started in Oct 2021, around 5 (Jan22) to 58 (Apr22) to 70 (Jun22)

Youtube: Started in Nov 2021, around 1 (Jan22) to 46 (Apr22) to 200 (Jun22)

Medium: Started in Apr 2022, 48 (Apr22) to 138 (Jun22)

(Refer to attachment for the screenshots)

Webapp Demo Testing Active Sign Up:

1,500 Users who tested as solvers and creators

(The testing started on Jan22 and lasted for 1 month.)

Atocha Protocol’s focus is to build a strong presence on Twitter and Discord.

Recent Achievement and Milestones (as of June 2022)

  1. NearPad IDO and Skyward Finance IDO completed
  2. Mainnet launch on Octopus Network
  3. Airdrop Distribution (2 batches completed, 1 batch pending)
  4. NFT Launch on Paras & Verified by Paras

We have also created a monthly newsletter which enable the community to keep track on what’s happening with the project, anyone can subscribe to our Newsletter by follow our Medium: 3 stories about Atocha Newsletter curated by Atocha Protocol - Medium

Future Growth Metric Focus

Once our Mainnet is launched, our growth metric will be expanded to puzzle game-related metrics like:

  1. Daily Active Users on Puzzle Game Webapp
  2. Retention Rate on Puzzle Game Webapp
  3. Total Value Lock of Sponsors in ATO per month
  4. Total ATO holders
  5. Total Recurring Revenue for Sponsor
  6. Average Revenue Per User (enabled with next protocol upgrade)
  7. Average Revenue Per Daily Active User

Atocha Game Guild Community Onboarding Program

This is the planning for Atocha Game Guild to onboard new members and the intention behind every program.

Atocha Bounty Program

The goal of this program is:

  1. To refer puzzle creators/game studios to integrate Atocha Protocol
  2. To refer sponsor to utilize puzzle game as part of their strategy via Atocha Protocol

Who can participate in this program:

  1. Guild members that have the related network and connection in the gaming industry
  2. Guild members who have business development experience which is connected to businesses that have an online presence (website)
  3. Guild members that are able to clearly present the value proposition of how puzzle games can help to drive traffic for the business

What is the procedure of the program?

  1. Guild members submit the referral form to the guild committee

  2. Guild committee to process the application and verify details from the referral

  3. Once the referred is considered a hot lead, the guild committee approaches the lead

  4. If the hot lead is new or without product:

  5. First encounter with hot lead to requiring basic plan presentation

  6. The second encounter is to interview the lead for details confirmation

  7. The decision can be made by this stage on whether to onboard the game studio/individual

  8. If the hot lead is an existing and established game studio:

  9. First encounter with hot lead to discuss on integration plan and understand the requirement

  10. The second encounter is to solidify the terms of collaboration

  11. The confirmation of the partnership will be made public when both parties agreed

Atocha Game Master Program

The goal of this program is:

  1. To act as a game moderator that specifically moderate and curate the game for the players
  2. To act as a community manager that spread about the puzzle game that they are interested with

Who can participate in this program:

  1. Guild members who are passionate about the puzzle game
  2. Guild members who are able to communicate and manage a group of people
  3. Guild members who can drive up hype during a gaming session
  4. Guild members that have community building experience or have an existing community

What is the procedure of the program?

  1. Guild member submit application for the role
  2. Guild committee process application and get connected to learn more about the background of the applicant
  3. If the applicant is a fit, conduct an interview for gauging the applicant’s overall vibe (it is important to know the vibe of a person especially for a game moderator)
  4. If the interview is a pass, the applicant will officially become Game Master who will be taking on the preferred puzzle game to host different events

Atocha Puzzle Creator Program

The goal of this program is:

  1. To build a community of puzzle creators (individual/organization) that are interested to build on Near Ecosystem
  2. To build a matching system that can match the puzzle creators to the sponsor who are interested to customize puzzle game for marketing purpose

Who can participate in this program:

  1. Guild members who are operating a game studio
  2. Guild members who are a well-trained game developer
  3. Guild members who are passionate about puzzle game design
  4. Guild members who are good in creative and art design
  5. Guild members who are good in music composition and production
  6. Guild members who are good in marketing especially in gaming industry

What is the procedure of the program?

  1. Guild members submit application to apply for puzzle creator role
  2. Guild committee process the application and gauge on the puzzle idea/existing game
  3. If the proposal is a pass, guild committee will connect with the applicant to connect and understand the basic background
  4. If the applicant is a fit, an interview will be conducted for a final confirmation (necessary as this puzzle creator role will be a curated role to receive commission jobs in a later stage)
  5. If the interview works out, the applicant will be officially added in the Creator group

What will the Puzzle Creator be building?

  • Their own proposed puzzle game/existing game integration
  • Atocha Protocol’s Benchwork Project
  • Sponsor’s Commissioned Puzzle Game
  • Atocha Private Club’s Puzzle Game

Sustainability Plan for Atocha Game Guild

The intention of the guild to exist is to build a community hub for puzzle game enthusiasts, builders, and stakeholders. By maintaining a decent level of transparency within the guild, we want to move from centralized management to a decentralized one while the Atocha Core Team will be focusing more on strategy, tech development, and governance.

From the start, the whole project is intended to be sustainable through our Sponsor mechanism. In short, the mechanism is:

  1. Providing sponsors like brands and companies to utilize puzzle games to promote their business

  2. The customization of puzzle games can be integrating their existing website to hide clue pieces, hidden numbers within their product serial number, chatting with their bot to get clues and etc.

  3. The sponsor will need to purchase ATO to be locked in the protocol as the prize for the winners.

  4. The creators will get a commission from the sponsor to work on the customization of the puzzle (or it can be done by the sponsor)

  5. The increasing demand for such service will generate an economic flywheel for ATO as more coins will be locked as a prize pool.

  6. The formula to get this to work is to:

  7. Increase the production and quality of the puzzle game created

  8. Onboard more brands and businesses to participate

  9. Onboard existing game studio to integrate their game with the protocol

  10. Professional curation team to curate the puzzle game for suitable brands and businesses

Other than the Sponsor mechanism, there are a few mechanisms that we are planning to implement in stages based on the development phase we are in.

  1. Atocha will recommend Puzzle Game Dapps that launch on our protocol to have NFT sales. The sales will then contribute to three pots: the puzzle game creator, the guild, and the treasury. The rate has not been set but we are looking at a 90% (creator); 5% (guild) and 5% (Treasury) split. The reason that both guild and treasury have a split is to ensure the sustainability for the guild and Atocha core team to operate and serve the community. Note that the rate will be different depending on the service required from the Guild and Core team as well.
  2. Secondary market royalty is also a part of the revenue stream for the guild and Atocha Treasury. The rate will be similar where 90% of the royalty of the NFT will be going to the creator, 5% to the guild, and 5% to the Treasury.

DAO Planning

There will be two DAOs to be formed. One is for the community and the other one is for the protocol’s governance. The community DAO will hold the funds that are intended to be used by the community members like creators, community leaders, bounty hunters, and game masters. On the other hand, the protocol governance DAO will be focusing on the protocol and mechanism upgrades.

Community DAO

  • On AstroDAO: atocha-game-guild.sputnik-dao.near
  • Hold NEAR and other Near Native Tokens funds (ATO)
  • Funds source: NFT revenue, grants/sponsors
  • Voting for utilization of funds to different purpose groups
  • Voting by Committee members/Councils
  • DAO members: puzzle creators, puzzle game players, bounty hunters, game masters, Atocha Ambassadors, etc (as long as you are part of the community, you are welcome to join)

Protocol DAO

  • On Native Network (Atocha Protocol)
  • Governance based on ATO coins holding and roles
  • Voting for protocol upgrade (tokenomics, game mechanism)
  • Voting by Committee members/Councils/token holders
  • DAO members: ATO coin holders, the core team

Social Growth Screenshots:

Twitter (10/6/2022 screenshot)

Discord (10/6/2022 screenshot)

Telegram (10/6/2022 Screenshot)

Facebook (10/6/2022 Screenshot)

Linkedin (10/6/2022 Screenshot)

Youtube (10/6/2022 Screenshot)

Medium (10/6/2022 Screenshot)


@Jloc pending the other members to go through the proposal and help to get the guild to be listed on the website :slight_smile:


Hey, @simeon4real I have followed this project and they have been doing great work inside the ecosystem. Please help them get listed on the Guilds webpage until the new Community Webpage is set up.

Also @jiten123321 please review and give any comments if you don’t agree.

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Kim, best of luck on Guild Creation!

From my side can tell that these folks do a heavy ton of work to conquer crypto field by kicking in trough plenty fronts. Top comrades. :heart:


Thanks mate! Got great support from Near Stars Guild!


@kimzwarch please how do I submit an application for game masters I’m interested in the program. I followed the atocha community from the start and I participated in their quiz program where I earned some cool Ato coin for myself. I would really love to join as a game master. Thanks

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Good evening! Could you please please pay attention to Atocha ambassadors from the ru-speaking community? Lack of information and any AMAs in the native language. Thanks


You can DM me at TG (@worldmod7)

For now, we haven’t kickstart the puzzle campaign yet. But we will be doing a continuous quiz campaign starting next month which would require the help of the game master. Of course, opening up for more localized game moderating like in specific community group virtually or physically will also work as well.


Indeed, still in need of more translated content for most of our native language community groups. But feel free to approach me to clarify on any info.


Great work and we hope to achieve more…


Lovely and the opportunity here is just awesome


This is amazing :slight_smile: Really excited with Atocha and the possibility to have a collaboration with RealityChain


Very excited about Atocha and how it can add great things to the Myriad and RealityChain ecosystems as well!


Some updates from Atocha with the monthly newsletter:

Looking forward to getting the Guild passed through @Jloc

big growth and big moves :eyes:

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Also tagging @Jessica if she needs see this too.

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GM to all Guild Leaders! Atocha Game Guild (Atocha Protocol) will organise a side event on NEARCON2022. Near To Atocha Treasure Hunt is the event’s name and we want to invite all Near Guild to be part of the treasure hunt as Partner. It is pretty straightforward for guilds to join in as a partner where each guild will have a puzzle that represents the respective entity.

Here’s an invitation form for the interested Guild Leaders to fill: https://forms.gle/nzD2uDsRDfZTzbEB8

This is a more detailed proposal about the side event: Atocha NearCon 2022 - Near Grand Treasure Hunt 2022 - Google Docs

Looking forward to having everyone join and make NEARCON2022 more adventurous for the participants! @Dacha @Zhunda @damboy22 @decentricity @IgbozeIsrael @Jloc @garikbesson @ardisaz @Dabbie3229 @AaronAbyss