[PROPOSAL] Artivist Dapp: Cultural and UX Research Work

Good morning community!

I am very happy with the evolution of the Artivist project. Special people are coming forward to collaborate and promising partnerships are happening. Once again I thank the Creative Dao team for the support and attention whenever we need. I learn a lot every day. @tabear @JulianaM @hevertonharieno @frnvpr

This will be our mission for the month of April. Before publishing any funding proposal, I present our work plan for suggestions and feedback. :slight_smile:

  • Cultural and UX Research Work:

The main objectives of this study is to map a portion of activist artists and NGOs and understand their experience in the main pain points of users in using our prototype. We will seek to understand how the dapp can contribute to issues related to artists, activists, and independent socio-environmental institutions.

In a first step, we will gather cultural and sociographic information from interested artists, activists, and ngos.

Next, we will apply usability testing to track our dApp users’ experience and the obstacles they encounter so far in the campaign. We will also be using generative research techniques to better understand the customer experience of our dApp and the challenges.

In charge: @Ledum_IX, @carolbampa @joaquimley

Team involved in this stage: project manager, ux research, designer, developer

Stakeholders involved : Artists, NGO, Activists


  • Study how Artists, activists, and independent socio-environmental institutions contribute to transformation of social and environmental awareness.
  • Study about competitor websites/dApps Artists, activists, and independent socio-environmental institutions are using and Why.
  • Study how to transform Artists, activists, and independent socio-environmental institutions into the ecosystem of Web3 and decentralized management and monetization by solving some issues with competitor websites/dApps.
  • Start the dapp prototype from the research

Business objectives

  • Build dApp to retent Users and gives maximum satisfaction
  • Rapid prototype generation


  • Team members Interviews
  • Field study/User Interviews
  • Diary Interview
  • Requirement and Constraint gathering

Participants: Independent artists, Activists, Socio-environmental institutions, whether or not involved in the web3 ecosystem, local and global

Interview guide: Initially we will do investigative interviews about the stakeholders of the project and later we will evaluate the experience with a dapp prototype.

Some questions to be asked in the first part of the research:

Individual : your life context/characteristics - age, profession, gender, color
Community: what groups you identify with and relate to, feminist, environmentalist, queer, black movement
Institutional: Do you feel supported in your causes? Do you help any cause financially? Do you help in any other way the causes you believe in? Do you participate in online campaigns like crowdfunding? Do you use an app to help a cause? Which causes? Do you have knowledge about web3, NFT and cryptocurrencies?
About them: What cause do you advocate for? How long has it existed? How many people do you serve? What is the territorial coverage?
The community: What is the impact of your work? What are the main sources of resources?
Institucional: Do you feel sufficiently supported in your work? Do you use digital campaigns to raise funds? (crowdfunding and others) Do you use an app for these campaigns? Which ones? Do you have any knowledge about web3, NFT and cryptocurrencies?


  • Team members Interviews: 1 week
  • Field study/User Interviews: 4 weeks
  • Diary Interview: 2 weeks
  • Requirement and Constraint gathering: 2 weeks
  • Prototype development - 4 weeks

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Discord: Artivist

Artivist DAO: [INTRODUCTION] Artivist Guild / Artivist DAO


i realylove the idea <3 and your proposal is very good written, congrats.
Hope i can help in anything, cause im an artist and activist from brazil <3
If you need me, DM me <3


Thank you, Beetlejuice!

We will count on your participation in the survey, for sure
We’re in this together :slight_smile:


You are always welcome to participate and help.

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