[PROPOSAL] Actions and KPIs of Marketing for The Philosophers DAO (September)


  • Investment in Facebook Ads traffic (20USD)
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy on social networks: Facebook and Instagram by The Philosophers DAO (70USD)
  • Production of promotional material for DAO’s events and actions in September on social networks (60USD)
  • SEO strategy and text posts for Blog (100USD)

KPIs (Metrics)

*Increase the number of subscribers to the YouTube Channel by 30%;

*Increase views on videos on the YouTube Channel by 30%;

*Increase by 30% Engagement rate on the page;

*Increase social interactions by 30%;

*Register 100 newsletter subscribers;

Subtotal: 250USD (wallet epmobbs.near)

Final report
Project Status: COMPLETED
Project Name: Marketing Actions The Philosophers DAO

We developed the work of creating the DAO blog: Blog - The Philosophers DAO

We now have four papers published:

Paper 1:

Paper 2:

Paper 3:

Paper 4:

The marketing actions aimed to expand the reach and dissemination of The Philosophers DAO’s actions. Now, The Philosophers DAO has a website and a blog where our actions, articles related to the activities developed are shared.

Thus, the actions developed provided the following results:

** Seminars:**
Facebook: 35 views
YouTube: 659 views
Twitter: 03 views

All videos are now available on our YouTube channel. All broadcasts were carried out simultaneously to three different platforms (YouTube Live, Facebook and Twitter). The Philosophers DAO YouTube channel already has 949 subscribers (we had a 48% increase compared to last month). The details of the data regarding the growth of social networks are as follows:

People reached: 5.988
Engagement with publications: 129
Followers: 116

People reached: 6.120
Engagement with publications: 550
Page likes: 13


2.000 views (we had a 77% increase compared to last month)
Display time (hours): 240,3h (we had a 32% increase compared to last month)
Subscribers: 949 (we had a 48% increase compared to last month)

With actions on social networks, projects promoted by DAO have significantly increased the number of participants.

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