[PROPOSAL] - 4 trailer books inspired by Watch and be Watched


Proponent: @thaisampr

NEAR account for payment: thaisampr.near

Project Timeline: Sep 16th – Sep 30th 2022

Objective: The main objective of this project is to produce 4 trailer books and 4 NFTs as a way to celebrate the release of the book “Watch and be Watched”, by Deise Pacheco.
The 4 videos are connected to the FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO. All of them will be also posted on DAO’s instagram, Deise personal instagram, and as NFT’s on Mintbase at NOMADE LABEL STORE.

We’ll use footage from the film “About Watching, a testimonial film in miniseries”, co-directed by Thais and Deise who will receive narrations related to the book Watch and be Watched

  • Editing - 200 DAI
  • Sound design - 200 DAI
  • Distribution - 50 DAI


We really hope that the trailer books / NFT’s instigate people to read the book, as well is a great exercise to make film trailers in the near future :wink:


I love that NFTs can instigate people to read books and I love the expression “near future” :smile:


[Project Report] Celebrated “Watch and be Watched” with Trailer Books and NFTs

The main objective of this project was to commemorate the release of the captivating book “Watch and be Watched,” authored by the talented Deise Pacheco. We aimed to produce four enthralling trailer books and four exclusive NFTs as a unique and engaging celebration of the book’s launch.

During the project, we intricately connected these four captivating videos to FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO, expanding their reach and impact. The content was shared on various platforms, including the DAO’s Instagram, Deise’s personal Instagram, and as NFTs on Mintbase. Moreover, we were excited to announce that these exclusive NFTs were also made available on Near Social, a thriving platform dedicated to exchanging our community’s remarkable artistic works.

The Creative Process
To bring these trailers to life, we utilized footage from the remarkable film “About Watching, a testimonial film in miniseries,” co-directed by Thais and Deise. This fusion of visual storytelling and compelling narration related to “Watch and be Watched” provided an immersive and thought-provoking experience for the audience.

Budget Allocation
To ensure the highest quality production, we carefully allocated the budget as follows:

Editing: 200 DAI
Sound design: 200 DAI
Distribution: 50 DAI
Total: 450 DAI

Fostering Engagement and Encouraging Reading
Our ultimate aspiration was that these enthralling trailer books and NFTs would ignite curiosity and enthusiasm among the audience, enticing them to delve into the captivating world of “Watch and be Watched.” Beyond celebrating the book’s release, this project also served as a valuable exercise in crafting compelling film trailers, paving the way for potential future ventures.

The journey to celebrate “Watch and be Watched” through four compelling trailer books and NFTs was a labor of love. We were thrilled by the impact and resonance of this project across various platforms, inspiring readers and film enthusiasts alike. Our collaborative efforts, fortified by the creative talents of Deise Pacheco, Thais, and the FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO, culminated in an artistic endeavor that left a lasting impression on its audience. Together, we looked forward to a future filled with more remarkable projects and artistic collaborations