[Proposal] 2D animation workshop with Hawwal

Hello, community.

I would like to give a brief introduction of my artistic side that not a lot of us know, So I happen to be a 2D animator, digital artist, and 3D modeling artist. I have been privileged of creating a couple of content for musical artists, and companies along with some of my personal animation projects. I made a small compilation of some of my animation projects.
I was the winner of the Waka to amber teleportation animation challenge.
Here are links to some Twitter posts:


I see this as a great opportunity to host or hold a video compilation series on Animation for our dedicated youtube channel because I believe there are many illustrators in our community that what to take their craft to the next level by adding motion to their art.
this is where this idea is inspired and I know in the long run it would really benefit our community.
This is aimed at being the first edition amongst several others. This animation course will be a 6 video series animation course teaching the fundamentals and the necessary information needed to jumpstart any creator’s skill in the world of cartoons.
In every video episode, a new animation clip will be designed and minted as a unique NFT to the Blaqk stereo mintbase store.


  • In this first edition, we’ll be drawing and creating a 15 secs animation video clip.
  • Live video recording of the animation process from start to finish giving the fundamentals of 2D animation.
  • Chance for an AMA after the workshop will be made.
  • Stream will be held on our discord server and a full upload will be made on our youtube channel.
  • Minting of the 15 sec. animation video from this first in the series to Blaqk Stereo Mintbase store


Item price ($) USD
Shure Podcast mic - 269
Podcast mic stand - 69
(2) Godox ES45 Led light - 279 (1 costs 139)
Godox CL10 ambient light - 63
Phone tripod stand - 22
Facilitator - 300
Internet - 20
Total - 1,022

This equipment purchased will cover for the entire workshop period and will be used frequently for subsequent workshops for the community.


  • Minting of five 1/1 Nfts to blaqk stereo mintbase store.
  • Creation of video content for blaqk stereo youtube channel.
  • 50% membership growth and 80% increase in engagement on our discord server.

2 weeks

Payout: $1,024