[Project] The Decentralized Project + Metacoin Holders

Greetings, my friends from NEAR Community. The Decentralized Project is an initiative from Metaverse DAO to decentralize %5 of its max budget (250 USD in DAI) to METACOIN holders. METACOIN is the token created by our DAO to progressively decentralize the distribution of resources to projects within the Metaverse DAO. Nowadays, we will give METACOIN holders the right to decide which submitted project should be accepted and the right to submit projects within our scope of funding (all the submitted projects should respect our main objective of creating and recording NEAR presence on metaverse). Only metacoin holders submit projects and only metacoin holders decide about the project that is going to be funded. The council can reject the project, if the project does not satisfy our main objective of creating and recording near presence on metaverse. You can earn METACOINs by participating in a bounty or in a project within Metaverse DAO, or you can just buy it with DAI on ref.finance, by the contract adress metacoin.tkn.near.

We will fund 1 project of 250 usd in DAI in its budget that is chosen by the community of METACOIN holders and that fulfills in some way the main objective of Metaverse DAO. In order to know if you are really a metacoin holder, we will use Sodaki

So if you want to be a METACOIN holder and progressivelly increase your power of decisions inside the Decentralized Project, buy some METACOINS; they are very cheap right now (around 1 DAI). Then come here to comment your metaverse project. If you win, you have 250 USD in DAI for budget, that you receive after successfully completing the project, and you also receive 1 metacoin for your participation in the project.

Please, send us project in the following model:

NEAR account for payment:
Project Timeline:
Justification (benefits):
Curriculum Vitae/Site/Portfolio

** The submission process is up to January 31th.**

** The voting process is from February 1st to 3rd.**

If you need any help, feel free to ask for it in the comments or in our community telegram here: Telegram: Contact @metaverseguildDAO

All the best,

The Metaverse DAO


you can use this tool to verify METACOIN holding


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Thank you very much, Jack! I tried my wallet, but it did not show anything… Nevertheless, I tried other wallets from other people and it worked. Do you know if it is not possible to explore our own wallet through there?

I bought METACOIN from Ref , so it shows :slight_smile:

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Wow! So cool, Jack!! Welcome to our group of Metacoin holders!

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Thank you, Blu. Sorry for taking too long to answer, but I am ill now, and sometimes it is hard to read and write properly. But we are going to see your proposal. Thank you so much for sending it.

@jack will you send any projects?

I’m sorry. Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon.

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@jack , we have 250 usd budget for a project that would use 250 usd as budget to its fulfillment and that has something to do with NEAR on metaverse (Metacoin holders can submit such a project and vote in 1 project to receive the funds). I did not see how decentralized disney would have such a budget. Would you explain us?

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My dear metacoin holders, we have just @blusw’s project as a submission for funding next month, because @jack’s project lacks budget for us. We are receiving submissions until tomorrow, in case you wanna change the projeck, Jack, or in case some other unkown holder wants submit a project. We have from February 1st to 3rd for voting.

Thanks, Jack, for your wishes. You are very kind. :slight_smile:

no worries, Hakuna Matata

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But, @jack , you can still put a 250 usd budget and submit a project, explaining how the budget would fulfill your project.

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Proponent: jack
NEAR account for payment: yusd.near
Project Timeline: lasts 6 months from February 5th.
Objective: 50 unit nearhak airdrop to the members of NEAR community
Justification (benefits): More people experience a crypto world without gas fees (NEAR ECO)
Project: NEAR Hak LP on trisolaris
Timeline: February 5th.
Budget: 100 USD
Site: http://nearhak.com/

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Hi, @jack. Thank you for your submission. If you don’t mind, would you explain us how the project satisfies the main objective of metaverse dao, which is to create and record near presence of metaverse? Would you mind tell us which would be the Milestones that would allow us to pay you? We can only pay after the task done. And it would be nice too if you send us some kind of metrics, like how many people will be touch by your project.

Sorry for asking so many things. But it is our first decentralized project, so we have to establish a nice way to proceed.

Sorry for the timeI took my friends. I am sick and doing lots of exams. But I would like to come here and talk about our voting. We would suggest @jack to reformulate the project in a way that we can understand the metrics, the intention and how it has to do with near on metaverse. We would be wondered if you submit for next month.

For this month, we have @blusw’s project to vote. So Metacoin holders, please vote.

Voting 1Metacoin on:

Proponent: Blu
adress: wasem_simon.near
Objective: Create a series of 16 Nfts, using metaverse as scenario:

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If any metacoin holder has something to say, please do it now, because midnight UTC, we will close the votings.

Congrats, @blusw. Your project has passed and it can be considered funded, contingent to our funding proposal approval on NEAR.

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thanks @JohnX @thephilosopher @jack @gushlewis @luixoluixo

…already started the research

open atelier at 3 Aegina gallery -SHED , Helios:


We are accepting submissions to the decentralized project next month.

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Very happy with all this feautures at the same event:

24/02/22 - 20h(brst) :
Derivé - drifting verses on metaverse - nomadelabel exhibition and Quintas Paralelas Surreal Podcast premier screening.

Join us tomorrow, 20h(brst) at:


The crypto-character Dragomir Artenie, is glitch artist that stayed in a metaverse atelie, creating art pieces, processing what he gazes there, on the new kind of loneness.
Coming from a non-struturalist background, the art works review the French avantguard thinkers and artists {Situationist International - Wikipedia} that that criticizes society as a spectacle, related to the Flaneur’s posture, of a spectator. Baudelaire´s concept of flâneur, "as the artist that the world of art has been question. "¹
So this project is a site-specific(processual art) that deals with time, space, distortion and taste. There are stories hiden on each of the 15 NFTs(plus poster, gos 16 NFTs), wrote on database, as marginal poet on web3. Visit the 3xr resolt

And Quintas Paralelas Surreal podcast you can find the proposal here:

And also visit our

Hope to see you on next projects on metaverse


¹ - * Parkhurst Ferguson, Priscilla (1994). “The Flâneur : The City and Its Discontents”. Paris as Revolution: Writing the Nineteenth-century City . Berkeley.

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