[OVERVIEW] URSAFA A La Wit Ro Art Exhibit | Filipino Artist Guild

What: Filipino Artist Guild collaboration on an IRL exhibit with Fine Arts Students at the University of Rizal System, Philippines. A La Wit Ro (jumbled letter for Laro and Awit which means Game and Song)


  • The student will showcase some of Filipino folksongs and games through their art.
  • Filipino Artist Guild will cater their expenses in terms of the materials that they will be using.
  • Mint their digital art at mintbase
  • Exhibit it on 3XR

When: May 4, 2023 (tentative)

Why: On this event we will introduce them to Filipino Artist guild, Near and Near NFT market place. Expose Near ecosystem and market place to NFT artist\non NFT artist and art enthusiast.


*Introduction of Near ecosystem and the Creatives community to existing NFT Artists from different blockchain, non NFT artists and art enthusiasts at the University of Rizal System

*To be able to showcase the arts in a virtual gallery through 3XR and Mintbase to promote dApp interaction in Near.

*Add the collected work from the Exhibit to our Guild Portfolio to give them more exposure to the ecosystem.

*To be able to onboard at least 70% of the participants in the Exhibit.

Budget Allocation:

Sponsored material - $270

  • Print on sintra board

Food - $200

Budget for collecting physical art and virtual art to be minted in Mintbase - $100

Travel allowance- $50 ($25 Mido and Quiapogi)

Wallet creation - $50

Total budget: $670