[OPEN CALL] Máquina de Inscrever/Inscription Machine - EP 3 inside Near ecosystem

**Greetings beings who navigate the near ecosystem. **
Open call for sound collaborations for a radio art program in podcast format Inscription Machine


Submissions on any subject
Audios up to 4 min long anything goes: leaked audios from WhatsApp or Telegram groups, interview files, fragments of creative processes, fragments of drifts, turning on the recorder and talking to yourself, recording other people’s conversations, reading excerpts from books, poems, reflections, provocations, etc. …
Deadline: 09/30
Send files via Wetransfer to: maquinadeinscrever@gmail.com
There will be a virtual meeting via ZOOM with the collaborators on Setember 14th at 8:00pm. It is not necessary to participate in this meeting to send sound collaborations.

2 USD per minute of audio in DAI, symbolic remuneration.

To listen to the podcast access: www.maquinadeinscrever.com
The shows can also be accessed on the main podcast aggregator platforms

Link to website: https://www.labirintoonirico.com.br/en/máquina-de-inscrever-near
Inscription Machine on Instagram: @maquinadeinscrever

Introducing the project
The podcast Inscription Machine is produced and edited by Paloma Klisys with the participation of several artists and collaborators. They are hour-long programs without the conventional radio markings, stimulating listeners to exercise an out-of-the-ordinary sensory listening in relation to traditional vehicles.

The first edition of Inscription Machine was published in March 2016. Currently, the 17th episode of the podcast is being prepared, which will be available on the main podcast aggregator platforms and has access logs from all over the world, several regions of Brazil and all continents.

The podcast title refers to the activity of inscribing, as if leaving a trace, working with several discursive layers and perspectives about relevant themes for public discussion.

The podcast is produced with the participation of artists and collaborators from the most varied regions of Brazil, which makes the proposal stand out for the plurality of realities and accents.

The programs are composed of various sources and materials, such as public domain sound files, sound contributions from Brazilian artists and other nationalities who work with sound experimentation, poets and writers from different regions of the country, audios leaked from WhatsApp groups, urban drifts made in the most diverse environments and sound pieces produced from urban drifts in the cities through which Paloma and the collaborators travel.

This project proposes a special series of 3 episodes every two months, faithful to the concept that has guided the research of languages that originated the artistic creation of the 16 episodes produced and published so far.

Each one-hour (60-minute) episode of the Inscription Machine will present material produced by Paloma and by collaborators, contemplating a variety of lines of aesthetic, poetic, and philosophical research. Among the collaborators participating in this collective work are architects, philosophers, poets, writers, performing arts professionals, researchers in graduate programs, educators, musicians, and professionals in various fields of knowledge. They will be invited to produce their contributions based on thematic universes proposed by Paloma, who is responsible for the conception and production of the podcast.

The proponent intends to continue producing content on an ongoing basis as a new network of artists and researchers within the NEAR ecosystem is articulated, extrapolating the context of Portuguese language production and eventually producing polyglot versions of the program in podcast format with people from different regions of the world collaborating in several languages.

Máquina de Inscrever

Chamada aberta para colaborações sonoras

Chamada para artistxs e pesquisadorxs inseridos no ecossistema near.

Tema Livre
Áudios com até 4 min de duração
Vale tudo: áudios vazados de grupos de WhatsApp ou Telegram, arquivos de entrevistas, fragmentos de processos criativos, fragmentos de derivas, ligar o gravador e falar sozinho, gravação de conversas alheias, leituras de trechos de livros, poemas, reflexões, provocações, etc…
Dead line : 30/09
Enviar arquivos via Wetransfer para: maquinadeinscrever@gmail.com
Haverá um encontro virtual via ZOOM com os colaboradorxs dia 14/09 as 20:00hs. Não é necessário participar deste encontro para enviar colaborações sonoras.

Para ouvir os programas acesse:www.maquinadeinscrever.com
Também é possível ouvir os programas através das principais plataformas agregadoras de podcasts

Máquina de Inscrever no ecossistema Near:

Siga @maquinadeinscrever no Instagram


boa noite paloma
estou enviando pra ti dois áudios
dois processos criativos
espero que lhe sirvam.

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Olá Fabio

Agradeço e lhe retorno em breve :slight_smile: