[OPEN CALL] Creatives DAO Moderators - 5 Positions Open

Woo Hoo !!! :hugs:

Welcome partners :metal::sunglasses:


Congratulations to all the New moderators :star2::star2::star2:. Congratulations @Paul happy to see this​:white_heart::white_heart:


This is such a good news!

Thank you all the @creativesdao-council for putting your trust and faith in me.

Together we will make this DAO the strongest in the ecosystem!

Looking forward to understand more about responsibilities and my role with the DAO :pray:


Thank you all for having me. This is such an honor as well as a big responsibility to serve! Looking forward to our moves in June! :rocket:


Congrats @kc_sollano and @williamx @Paul and to all new Creatives Dao Moderators :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Congratulations to the mods, I see strong eligibility of other selected mods than @Cryptonaut . I object this selection. There were other stronger candidates who are more experienced. Clearly don’t understand how @creativesdao-council selected this person.



Too low forum activity and also not much activity in NEAR compared to some other candidates. How can this person be selected?

I hope @creativesdao-council will reply my objection with some genuine reason.


Hey @zubairansari07, thank you for writing up. We understand the concern, but I would love to explain that this position is not only filled based on the governance forum or Overall NEAR Community activity. It is also curated with various criteria like Vision towards Creatives DAO, Ideas on Self sustainability, active participation in the Recent creatives DAO initiatives, Participation in Creatives DAO Comunity Call, etc.

Each Individual Candidate is carefully assessed with their skills and areas of expertise to become a new mod. Also, We believe they will bring more Value as a whole to Creatives DAO.


I have no words for this moment.
it’s a great honor to get here and be able to keep learning from this amazing team of humans!

It is with great enthusiasm that I greet my new colleagues in our mission
@Cryptonaut @williamx @kc_sollano @Paul :slight_smile:

gratitude members of the @creativesdao-council

eager to learn and be able to continue my skills with an agent of socio-cultural transformation within the ecosystem /o/
it’s a pleasure to work with what we believe and love

Thanks all community for the support and trust!

So many teachers here… i wont tag all people the teach me, cause its not the moment, but i promise that i will keep teaching and open more gates by sharing knowledge and arts for a sustainable community building.

Thank you very much


Congratulations to the new moderators and to @creativesdao-council for the good result!
I am also happy with this announcement, of the new chosen ones, they are nice and sensitive people!
Good luck to all the new moderators, @Cryptonaut, @williamx, @blusw, @kc_sollano
and @Paul in this new journey, you deserve it!
I would like to thank all the other moderators who will leave their functions and express that you have taught me a lot with a patience and I will be very grateful to each one of you!
You have always been very polite, helpful, attentive, human, and generous, I wish you success in the new journey!


I totally respect your opinion @zubairansari07 as I’m relatively new to the system compared to other members. We haven’t ever spoken or worked together on anything, however I hope by the end of my tenure here, my work and contribution to the DAO changes your mind about the current moderators choice.

Thank you @Monish016 for showing support.

Thank you @johanga for introducing me to NEAR, for your guidance & support and for always being there!

@blusw - Our many interactions about sustainability will now be put to test :slight_smile: Looking forward to working with you!

Thanks @FritzWorm for your support and guidance!

Thanks you @frado for your kind words!

@williamx @kc_sollano @Paul - Looking forward to getting to know each one of you and create a strong team that brings immense value to the DAO.

Thank you everyone who trusted and supported me who I couldn’t mention and still has been a part of my journey. I hope to build a more sustainable future for this DAO and commit to give the best I have!


Thanks for your support, glad that I’ll be able to give my tiny brick towards Creatives DAO growth!

Congrats to @williamx @kc_sollano @Cryptonaut @blusw, well deserved guys!

Cheers :beers:


Adding comment to @zubairansari07 , I think there should be Different Rounds for Selection, How the OWS team perform an Personal Interview , I believe There should be interview to examine the Candidates for this position , Thanks

Let me know What’s your thoughts !! @CommunityDAO @creativesdao-council


Congratulations to all new candidates of the creatives DAO mod :handshake:

Hoping to see growth and transparency. With each individual contribution as well team work in moving the DAO forward.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Thank you so much @creativesdao-council for this update and congratulations to my fellow newly-elect moderators that will serve the next 6 months with me - strategizing and managing the DAO, counsel and guide existing DAOs for symbiotic embetterment.

Exciting part is just about to begin, let’s give our best!

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Congratulations to the new Mods @creativesdao-council These were well selected candidates and I am sure that creatives Dao in the next few months will make giant strides in our goals and take a huge leap forward into the near future. Congratulations :tada: once again @Paul @Cryptonaut @blusw @williamx @kc_sollano


I think this voting process had already taken place amongst the Mods. I believe They know the best and perfect candidates for the Job. I have had an encounter with a few of those candidates and believe me I couldn’t have chosen otherwise. But In the spirit of decentralization, a more open election for the community to vote would have been more fair I guess. Either ways, I’m comfortable with the results.


Disagree, it would become a popularity contest, which would not serve the needs of the community. The ideia is that mods do not stay on the job for too long; current mods will have to rotate out, and the ones coming in will have to select the next, and so on.

Decentralization does not entail the pulverising of criteria in favour of raw popularity.


That’s true. I agree with that. :raised_hands:t5:


it was a great choice been honest, all the candidates were really capable of been selected.!
Thanks to everybody who participate and congratulations to the chosen ones!
my best wish of success for you guys! :confetti_ball: :white_check_mark: :muscle:


go ahead kind. love you :two_hearts: