[Open Bounty] VanDAO 3D Avatar Creation for NEARHub

@Maiker @yehosua.near you are 3D artists… Take a look here. :wink:



Sounds like fun & Did you mean GLB file types?

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Hahaha yes! Thanks, I’ve fixed the typo :slight_smile:

It’s time!!! Please do spread the word @FritzWorm :slight_smile:

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ArtStation - Astronauta baby, Mofl13

I want design VanDAO 3D because i think we need to go to the moon :sparkler: :fireworks:


Thanks for your submission! That Astrobaby is so cute! Did you have a chance to look at the VanCHAN entries yet?

No, ca you please show me?

@Mofl13 linked in the post :grin:

so cool!!!is gonna be great!i love the character!

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Hi guys!

If this bounty is still open, we’d very much be interested in participating.
We have checked the references and loved the character. As for the 3D style, we believe that based on this request you would be looking for something like this:

(more examples below)

It would be quite simple to deliver before the deadline! If more refined references are pursued, we’d be happy to discuss the project with you.

Please find our portolio here.

Thanks and kind regards

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Style reference number 2:

Wow cool! love it! You all are making it a tough decision!!!


Just one question,because CasaLocomotivastudio is a company, i dont think is fair they participate of the bound, because this should be decentralized, so this break the sense of a descentralized organization


Good observation @Mofl13
The Near Ecosystem is very supportive of independent artists and their initiatives through projects, and also of decentralization.
I believe that the space is for everyone and also democratic, but the priority must always be the independent artists and decentralization.
I confess that I was curious to know your work through links (portfolio, instagram or other form)


Here is my artstation, i got some work there, please folllow

Mofl13 (artstation.com)

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Hello an I hope I still have time to submit, I am a new 3D artist using gravity sketch to create abstract characters. I’ve been part of Near ecosystem for about two years and want to contribute more while expressing myself artistically. I am a fan of Vandal and his contributions to the underground culture which fuels the fire as an underground artistic.

Heres a link to the AR experience i created in OVR": (please use mobile to access)

*OVR AR gallery `


how me see the result of the bounty?

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Greetings everyone! I took a bit of time off this weekend and am now announcing the winner of the bounty!

First I’d like to thank those who entered - @CasaLocomotivaStudio @Balboski & @Mofl13 it was a pleasure to view your work and thank you for your time!

So here we go! @Mofl13 you’ve been selected to do the bounty. Congrats!

Which of the VanCHAN NFTs on Paras are you planning to use as your template/reference?!


Thank you :slight_smile: , very happy for that.

I choose this one as a reference. What is the deadline to send the models?and i send the files here?

Thank you Sir :), i already look the style guide and till here no doubts, have some place where i find like png logo of Near? Maybe i gonna use!

Have a great day



Thanks @Mofl13! Let’s just focus on the avatar and leave the NEAR logo off of it for this one. Don’t forget to make 3 versions based on the skin tones. The Style Guide should be of help, also for the deadline, you can work at your own pace, but let me know how long roughly it will take to get done. When you’re ready you can message me on Telegram. Also, join the VanDAO community chat here so I can give you a tip!