[Official Thread] OpenShards

The OpenShards pool represents the Open Shards Alliance a guild of professional validators and NEAR enthusiasts running the first shard enabled decentralized network of NEAR. The pools gives a percentage of proceeds back to support the guild.

General information

  • Organization Name: Open Shards Alliance
  • Official Website: https://openshards.io
  • Location: United States
  • Languages: English

Communication Channels

NEAR articles and tools

Technical Information:

  • Staking Pool Address: openshards.poolv1.near
  • Fees: 0.1% ~ Intro Rate
  • Infrastructure:
    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    2 Intel Processors 8 cores each
    128 GB DDR4 RAM
    10 960GB SSD Drives Raid 5 with hot swap spare
    Dual 1100 Watt Power supplies
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