[Notification] Breaking down of "the3flix" dApp

Hello Community, it’s your humble Co-NEARian, @Roxy.

I have been having series of chats with co-builders but situations are a bit confusing coupled with the fact that there are alot of changes recently in the funding scheme in the Ecosystem.

Before I proceed, let me explain to you all what we are trying to build with “the3flix” dApp (which we could rename “Thespians Hub”)

The3flix is a Decentralized Application for Live Performers; Actors and Actresses; Skit Makers and Stand Up Comedians.


The concept of “the3flix” dApp is to create a transparent Actor-to-Audience relationship. Viewers are meant to subscribe directly to their favourite Actors, Programs or Performances on the dApp, using NEAR.
It’s going to be a monthly or weekly renewal subscription where viewers have great opportunity to appreciate their favourites with NEAR coins and as well buy their NFTs from the dApp, while also serving the primary aim of getting notified when their favourites drop a content or is performing live, because they are subscribed to him or her.

This will give Live Actors, Performers, Skit Makers and Stand Up Comedians; great opportunity to earn directly from their Arts, without the need for unlockables or middle men.


Every day, there are alot of creators dishing out contents from their phones and posting on different social media, but only a few are earning from these contents. The job of the dApp is to give you a direct control of your fanbase and an avenue to generate revenue from your small/large immediate fan base.

All you have to do is to run your ad and drag them to “the3flix” dApp and keep pushing contents for them to subscribe to, while you make your cash.


Every transaction on “the3flix” would be run using $NEAR. This will see the regular usage of NEAR Wallets both from creators and their die hard audience.

This dApp is going to generate millions of revenue to Creators and the NEAR Ecosystem. This is because Creators are going to be doing free commercials to lure their audience to use the dApp, in so doing they are indirectly running adverts for NEAR.

There will be direct link on the app to NEARhub, Mintbase, Paras and other NEAR dApps that seem necessary on the long run. This is because the creators will also have their NFTs on these dApps for their immediate fans to purchase and encourage them. This will give alot of buzz and awareness to NEAR and its dApps.


Ways which we would be promoting “the3flix” dApp or Thespians Hub are these:

  • We will collaborate with influencers to advertise and create contents for the dApp; so they could drag their fans to the app and make money as well. When they have seen how lucrative the use of the dApp is; they will be the one telling the story by themselves free of charge.

  • We will create a lot of How-To-Do videos to show the general public how the dApp is being operated, and we will also run social media ads for these videos and the dApp.

  • There will be weekly promotional materials for local TV stations and radio stations; including active involvement in Entertainment and Web3 Events to advertise the dApp and show the general public the lucrative usage of the app.


Alot of things have recently changed in the funding system, and we don’t really know where to start from in making this dream a reality. We had meetings with Developers DAO who sent us to NEAR Horizon; and we are not having it easy finding our way around there.

We are pleading with NEAR and NF to see benefits to our dApp and give us listening ears and attention so that we can all make this dApp to go live.

Details about cost breakdown and steps could be discussed when we have the deserved attention and meetings on how to kickstart the project.

Thank you all:
From us, Thespians DAO

For more enquires, please send us an email at thespiansdao@gmail.com

Or a DM on the forum @roxy

We will love to make this dream happen!!!

Tagging @creativesdao-council @Near-Moderator for redirection and visibility


This really is great idea boss


Thanks alot Fam. Time for performing Artistes to make some penny live on the stage.

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@MarcusNEAR @David_NEAR
Could you please direct me on the right path to this goal?


Hey! Looks like this got buried in my notifications.

Are you looking for funding?

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Hello @david_near
So we are trying to develop this dApp to help live performers make some money for themselves while operating under the NEAR Ecosystem, but we are looking for the right platform to get it funded under NEAR, and we think you can help us with the right direction.

You can check out a list (not entirely comprehensive) list of funding sources here

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Thanks David. Let me check them out

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