No staking rewards for last 48 hours

I stake my NEAR tokens on Ledger by Figment and Stakin. I haven’t received any reward for last couple days. Is there any reason why there were no recent rewards incoming? I’m staking directly from Ledger wallet.

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Hi @karol ,

It might just be a display issue in Ledger Live. Please look up your address at .

In addition, it might be related to this issue:

Users of many other wallets have started to report things are back to normal, but Ledger Live seems to be still impacted.

You could consider connecting your hardware device to MyNearWallet (Ledger’s step-by-step guide here) to see if your balance is displayed.


Thank You! :slight_smile: I checked my address at near-staking website and it confirmed your hint: the rewards are still being added on both Stakin and Figment validators. Thery’e just not being shown properly at Ledger Live view even after cache clear and app version update.


Great! :slight_smile: Consider flagging this to Ledger’s Customer Support.