🔴 New extreme budget, taking into account the paid deposits


New budget, taking into account the paid deposits.
TARGET: mukachevo.sputnikdao.near

Paid out:
Rent of 2 office premises for work and living on the territory of Hak Noda. 300 $
Merch, T-shirts $ 547

Maris marism.near - city assistant 275 $ (50N)
Sveta sveta3t.near - city assistant $ 275 (50N)
Television, one 10 minute episode and separate 2 minutes in the news 255 $

Operator with a group $ 292 (from $ 1500 - which includes editing and professional translation into English)
Sound, screen, light $ 300 out of $ 900
Restaurant, buffet 183 out of 550 $
Airdrops (QR) codes 135N

It is urgently necessary to close:
Distribution of drops, additional souvenirs 300N
Flow rates 350N
Reproduction printing 25N
Photographer 25N
Translator 25N

Film editing, translation. 1208 $
Buffet 367 $
Light, sound 600 $
Amount 410N

The total required amount is 300N + 350N + 25N + 25N + 25N + 410N = 1135N



Great job! Nice interview, a great event for Mukachevo. Wonderful dream about having Muckachevo as Ukrainian Silicon Valley! Good luck!

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Hey Valentin! Awesome preparation, I hope we will see a lot of great projects from the Mukachevo Hackathon!

Could you clarify please why mukachevo.sputnikdao.near has the only one council? It works as your private wallet now, not a DAO. Did you consider adding more respectful councils there?


Hello, I would gladly become a member of the council if Valentin does not mind.

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Hi. Thanks for the very correct comment. We have added new consuls and will add more in the future. And I also really hope that we will be able to provide interesting software solutions

:red_circle:. Friends, thank you for your trust and support. Sorry to write a little and not often. There is not enough time just for anything)) But it’s even cool. Many unnecessary things fell out of life. We have now begun to prepare a short overview for soon as a month of our social experiment with basic income. Now the guys are writing answers to questions. And we are trying to collect at least approximate statistics.

:red_circle::red_circle::red_circle: There are great ideas, but I still have problems with programmers. Who is ready to help in the direction of creating an NTF platform (Now we have to do a very simple thing. Install this trading platform GitHub - zavodil/pluminite-ui on this hosting transform.red . This is the first step.), creating a DAPP for building a motivation system based on smart contracts, or has the necessary competence and experience in creating electronic wallets, contact me right here, or in telegrams @INF_INI_TY - очень желательно знание русского или украинского языка.
Thank You

Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
Вы говорите по русски?

an ecosystem dweller is looking for something to do. I speak Russian, but I’m not good at programming.


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write me in telegram @INF_INI_TY
tell me in more detail

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Answered by telegram.

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Hey! I’m a blogger. I also help with video editing!

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Розвиток йде)