Nearweek.pool.near - a nearweek public good pool

Dear NEAR Community,
It’s time we together take the Green Pill and bring sustainable community funding models to the NEAR ecosystem to support the very own open-source & public good projects we all enjoy and consume without any direct economic cost. Easy and equal access to information and education is vital and in that way community driven pure public goods have an important role in scaling and building the future of the NEAR ecosystem.

NEARWEEK is launching the first NEAR Native public good validator pool operated by the staking node sers at kuutamo.

Since the inception of NEARWEEK our mission has been to amplify and help grow the NEAR Ecosystem. On our evolution as a DAO curated weekly newsletter, we are excited it’s now possible for supporters of NEARWEEK to directly reward NEARWEEK DAO contributors. We are committed to not letting NEARWEEK content become ruled by money, all quality projects in the ecosystem should have the same opportunity of getting highlighted regardless of the depth of their pockets. In our opinion public goods are too important to be left to free-market capitalism.

The purpose of the NEARWEEK community validator pool is to

  1. Experiment with public good funding: Enable the people staking with nearweek.pool.near to help fund the NEARWEEK public good newsletter and content production. The funds will help achieve a sustainable and compliant micro grants/payments DAO run via Fund3r. And with time it shall help sustain the core activities of NEARWEEK.

  2. Accelerate NEAR ecosystem partnerships: Enable NEAR projects with an easy way to get content, video & social media exposure and attract more users.

How it works

V2 NEAR staking contract: NEARWEEK.POOL.NEAR is a v2 NEAR staking contract which allows rewarding users delegating to the pool with multi-token rewards in addition to existing NEAR rewards. As of now this includes: NEAR native tokens plus up to a maximum of 3 other NEAR fungible tokens at the same time.

Designing the right incentives and preference elicitation mechanisms, as well as providing the right tools to realize them, are of importance for optimally funding public goods.

Why would projects apply to add tokens to the NEARWEEK pool?

  • Reputation of giving back and supporting public good infrastructures of the NEAR ecosystem. Everyone in the NEAR ecosystem will know which projects help fund the public good NEARWEEK news media.

  • In return these projects receive media services: A fixed package of Blogposts, Twitter Spaces and other relevant activations.

  • Distribution and exposure to users from a highly NEAR native crowd.

Current status

The NEARWEEK.POOL.NEAR is deployed on mainnet, fully synched and ready to go.

We’re building an infrastructure that will allow NEAR content to travel outside the NEARverse. So dear community, if you like what we facilitate and do 365 days a year 24/7 - delegate a stake to the NEARWEEK validator, support a public good & the growth of the ecosystem and in time you shall be rewarded fren.

If you’re a project interested in collabing join our TG group and ping @P3ter_NEARWEEK or @Kispus.

Yours truly,



That’s an awesome initiative!

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