NearSoccer NFT Game

NearSoccer will be an nft based pixelart soccer manager game run on NEAR.
Focus of the project is to onboard a new gamedev team on NEAR and create a sustainable P2E game on NEAR.
The game itself basically will be about collecting playertokens with good stats and play matches against other players.


  • 2D Artist: Pixelart + Animation
  • Web UX Designer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Backend + Smartcontract Developer
  • Project Manager

MVP Features:

  • Website
  • Minting
  • Soccer Simulation
  • Matchmaking
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NEP conform NFT Playertoken + Contract

Features to consider after MVP:

  • Partnership with other projects to mint more Playertokens
  • Project tournaments (Like Paras plays versus Ref-finance)
  • Online public viewing of tournament matches with chat (Perhaps with some sort of rewards)


Q3 2022 - Launch Website
Q4 2022 - NFT Drop
Q1 2023 - MVP Mainnet launch + Marketing
Q2 2023+ - Adding more planned features

[HG Proposal]


This is a great one.

I love soccer​:man_running:

Is there a community group where those who would love to join in this plan could join?

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You can join the #near-football channel on the HG Discord :slight_smile:

…if you can share the Discord link here sir