Greetings! NEAR NFT Club is excited to share the NEAR NFT WEEK to unite everyone in the NFT ecosystem by providing all the NFT related news from our social media channels.

This is our 21st edition of “NEAR NFT WEEK” where we have covered the important news and activities.


21.1 - Marketplace Edition

_MarketPlace - 21.1

Featuring Marketplaces

  • Mintbase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Nativo NFT

Mintbase Weekly Highlights

Paras Weekly Highlights

Naksh Weekly Highlights

Nativo NFT Weekly Highlights

21.2 - Community Edition

Community - 21.2 (1)

Featuring Communities

  • NxM
  • C1 Guild
  • Marma J Foundation
  • HypeDAO
  • Onboarding DAO
  • MUTI
  • Endemic
  • NEAR Misfits
  • Codame

NxM Weekly Highlights

C1 Guild Weekly Highlights

Marma J Foundation Weekly Highlights

Hype DAO Weekly Highlights

MUTI Weekly Highlights

Endemic Weekly Highlights

Near Misfits Weekly Highlights

Codame Weekly Highlights

21.3 - NFT Collections & Artists Edition

NFT artist and collection - 21.3

Featuring Artists & Collections

21.4 - Activities on #NEARnft Edition

_Activities on #NEARNft - 21.4

Featuring Artists & Collections

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