NEAR NFT WEEK Issue #18.3 - NFT Collections & Artists Edition

ISSUE 18.3 - NFT Collections & Artists Edition

  • 2022-01-02T18:30:00Z2022-01-08T18:30:00Z

Greetings! NEAR NFT Club is excited to share the NEAR NFT WEEK to unite everyone in the NFT ecosystem by providing all the NFT related news from our social media channels.

This is our 18th edition of “NEAR NFT WEEK” where we have covered the important news and activities happening on Marketplaces and in the Ecosystem.

Raffle Event for META ANTIHERO

Box Opening Ceremony

CyberPunk 2077

Pretty Punks

NEAR Punk Chan 064

Weird Ape Gang

Shadow Beauty



Near Rabbit

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