NEAR Hispano - NFT Marketplace in RUST and react - Smart Contract development & reselling feature - videos

Project title: Cultura Latina Marketplace - videos and codebase documenting the development

One-liner: Documenting development in RUST in Spanish will help bootcamp participants understand what it takes to start building on the NEAR Protocol.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp participants Project members

  • Cristian Zambrano
  • Jorge Ibarra Gonzalez

Payout week: July 26, 2021 (Mexico City) → July 30, 2021 (Mexico City)

NEAR target accounts: NEAR Hispano DAO

Payout request: 1161 NEAR

Live website:

Codebase: This is the link to the commits and code changes on the project Merge pull request #39 from cristian-cloudmex/develop · NEAR-Hispano/NFT-culturas-latinas@09459ab · GitHub


Project Summary
This week we were working on implement the smart contract developed in RUST with the react frontend application bringing user the option to change between aurora or NEAR network. The goal is to showcase the differences of both programming languages to deliver functionalities for NEAR native NFT artists to showcase their work on the Cultura Latinas NFT Marketplace. The contract will be an implementation of the Aurora code. So developers can see what it takes to build on RUST.

Next week:
Videos comparing both smart contract programming environments (NEAR and Ethereum)


Incredible work @claudioac and team. Don’t slow down!