Near fashion dao web 3 quote prints

Web3 quote prints
In collaboration with the NEAR publish DAO, The NEAR Fashion DAO are designing 10 quote patterns on shirts which would carry quotes about blockchains, Web3 and NFTs. These quotes would be generated by the in-house curator of the NEAR style and merchandise DAO while printing would be handled by both DAOs and shipping solely handled by the NEAR Publish DAO

After printing these quotes on these shirts, 3 copies each of the quotes on shirts would be created physically and digitally. The digital copies would be minted as NFTs for which after it has been bought, the physical copy would be shipped to the international address of the buyer. This is to subliminally create global presence of NEAR merch in the most subtle way across the world. Shirt designs would be advertised to community members and web 3 enthusiasts across to invite them to buy from the stock. Below is the budget breakdown for the creation of the shirts. These designs would carry

Quote curator for 10 quotes: $100 (community contributions)

Sewing of 3 X 10 shirts = $300 (sewing to be done by onboarded fashion designer(s) in the community)

Printing of 10 quotes X 3= $200 (local company personell onboarded and part of NEAR fashion DAO community and assuming same for NEAR Publish DAO)

Shipping of each shirt to buyer (estimate) :$12 X 30 (To be fully handled by NEAR Publish)

SubTotal: $960