NEAR Digital Collective Steward - Blaze for Consideration and Vote

Even @Dacha can attest I am an active community member and weigh in on ecosystem-wide topics on the forum. I use to spend a considerable amount of time on the forum until I began to oversee initiatives like onboarding 40+ new validators to MainNet, Stakewars, Boards, Governance initiatives, and my own Project Cheddar.


I have done these things and will continue to. It’s my hope that other community members will chime in to provide support for the initiatives that I have helped lead, strengthen, and see to completion on many levels.


no sorry
it’s a NO from community


show your activity
just post all the links of your participation on forum in community life for the last year

so you honestly saying that your plan is to do nothing


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Thank you for this request. Let me compile a list. I will add it to the post above and here for further clarity and reference.

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  • can you share a list of apps?

  • share milestones planned /achieved, total grants amount. Very interesting for community;

  • share the formula of success “how to receive grants from NF,” while other applicants have been waiting for 12 weeks or have never got a response;

  • I know people who unfairly were kicked off from stake wars;

  • I’ve never seen you here. I think you’re not familiar with community life.







Thanks for putting forward this proposal Blaze!

I’m happy to support you in this endeavour.

To other community members: I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Blaze through REF Finance Community board for close to a year, through Open Shards Alliance and more recently Stake Wars. I don’t think that I am exaggerating when I say that without Blaze the NEAR network would not be operational today. He has been instrumental in running the community of validators - including onboarding and training through Stake Wars II and III. Blaze has proven to be relentlessly focused on ensuring the ecosystem succeeds, doing whatever it takes.

Final note on Dacha being president; just because one solid community member stands for one role doesn’t mean that all other active and engaged community members are included. In this sense, we are privileged to have two outstanding community members such as Blaze and Dacha and I don’t think there is any question both should be involved in NDC. I trust both of them to come to an agreement on the role that would suit each best.

P.S - behaving like children posting one line attacks and silly memes on a serious governance proposal for a 100m NEAR community fund is the easiest way to get the whole thing to fail. We must prove the community is mature and serious enough to organise and carry this through.

If you would like to learn more about Blaze, check out my podcast episode with him:


I trust Blaze, he’s a fair leader who always wins fairness for everyone :smiley::+1:
he showed that in Berryclub game in the past very well


IMO both are good in their own aspect.
As there are more categories which everyone has a role to play as a lead.
They’re marketing categories under the NDC, governance framework and community engagement.
We all can fit in here with a vote. Since @satojandro has worked with @blaze and can testify he’s a core community builder of near and so far he has been working hard to make this happen(NDC project) we can set several pools for several categories so community members can vote.
IMO @Dacha is good and very active when it comes to transparency and marketing so we can work as a team to meet up this good to a success than trying to make an argument.
We’re one blockchain we should work as one :point_up: and everyone achieve same goal. That’s success

Not been active on forum is not an excuse of @blaze not been a rep for NDC as I know many near core team and near foundations teams are also not active here on forum.
So let’s consider to work as 1 to achieve this goal together for this is for our own benefit.
Thanks :blush:


Agree with all of this AVB @satojandro (& @psalmy)

@blaze & @dacha are both strong candidates with different skills & experience…and it would be great to have both at the heart of this.


Voted for you ser,lfgggggg


Leading, running, and coordinating an endeavour as complex as this requires someone who has demonstrated the ability to ideate, initiate, execute, and adapt. Blaze has done all of that several times over with OSA, Cheddar, and others. Blaze has been here since the beginning and that in itself brings with it a level of experience/knowledge and context of the many experiments around governance that have been tried in the past with their successes/failures that will undoubtedly serve to shape direction and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

He is highly connected and respected in the wider NEAR community. He is a reasonable, conscientious and honest person who we would be lucky to have at the helm of this initiative to get things started, supported by others in the community/ecosystem who can complement his skillset and leadership style to take this initiative forward in the best manner possible.

Whether you’ve been privy to what he’s been doing in support of the ecosystem or not, he has been an instrumental component of the growth of NEAR, is fiercely loyal and dedicated to NEAR’s success and if he’s offering his valuable time/expertise to take this on, we’d be crazy not to capitalize on it.

Blaze will build a respected and respectful team that we can be proud to associate with/showcase as a governance model to other communities. He will bring this to fruition - I have no doubts and he has my endorsement/full support - as he should yours.


I personally support anyone who intends to develop the NEAR ecosystem to a better level, Happy to see so many people here who care about NEAR! :blush:

Whether we know them well or not, they are active or not, it’s only a matter of time. We can review their performance after this~



Good morning everyone. I believe we need to follow the road map:

The next step is a draft of the Constitution, so our community can review it and give feedback here on the government forum.

Then all other frameworks, and finally, we can run the community voting process on chain.

I’m not sure that the voting on the forum is legit and looks ridiculous sometimes. To Shitzu fan group members: feel free to create a new proposal for Marketing DAO. Thanks

Let me share all related to NDC project groups:


You aren’t the only community you know right


Spoken facts as always
I always like reading your replies

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