[APPROVED] NEAR Arabic March 2024 (Tier E)

Guild Name: NEAR Arabic
Region: Middle East
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Arabic
Near.social: https://social.near.page/u/NEAR_Arabic

Core member : 3
gemy | Near Social
Nesma | Near Social
Vica | Near Social

Previous report: Report - NEAR Arabic - September 2023

Arabic is spoken by over 425 million people around the world, making it the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. It is also the official language of 25 countries such as: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia.
We have good contact with some communities that based in Dubai (UAE), Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Our Team

Our latest IRL event (0xCairo) we distributed about 100 swags to developers and users who attended the event and introduced NEAR to some of them: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Arabic/status/1751358801905652163

Our team has extensive experience, most of them has contributed to NEAR since 2020, and all of them has been working with other blockchain projects.

Mostafa, has more than 7 years of experience in crypto and 12 years of experience in content creation and management in general.
Gemy has 4 years of experience in marketing and translation.
Nesma has 3 years of experience in management.
Vica has 3 years of experience in partnerships, event management and design.
Maria has more than 3 years of experience in community management and content creation.
Ziad has more than 7 years of experience in the academic and programming. He works as a teaching assistant at Pharos University, where he works on teaching Blockchain.

Besides that, we often rely on some other professionals (if needed) to achieve our goals.

We aim to:

  • Onboarding 15 wallets.
  • 7 average transactions for 7 new wallets.
  • Reaching 3K Impressions on X.
  • Organizing 1 online events - 10 users/event with 3 swags delivery.
  • Reaching 15 active telegram members.
  • Publishing 1 article and bring 3 devs.
  • Publishing 1 videos/ 100 views.

Strategy activity

To achieve our goals we will:

  • Translating and publishing the latest news on Telegram, X, near.social.
    This will help us to make our community updating about the latest news to make it easier to them to get involved.
    Since the language problem is an obstacle for many users and developers, through translation we make it easier for them.
  • Creating posts about NEAR and dApps built on it
    This will allow us to introduce the new products form NEAR and introduce the current and new dApps and how to use them ,this will help to bring new users to theses dApps and more on-chain transactions.
    chieving 60 NEAR Wallet Creations:
  • Referral Programs: Implement a referral program that rewards current users for bringing in new wallet users.
  • Providing support and guidance to users on Telegram and Twitter 24/7
    Through support and guidance to users we will build a good relationship with them and answer any question and solve any problem they may face.
  • Holding educational competitions.
    Our competitions will help us to bring new users and educate them about NEAR through gamification method, this will help to get more on-chain transactions as well.
  • Translating and creating educational articles about NEAR and dApps built on it.
  • Creating videos about NEAR and dApps built on it.
  • Creating infographics.
    Content creation one of the most important method to educate users about NEAR and dApps built on it, this will help us to bring new users and developers and will make it easier for them to start using NEAR and built on it.
  • Establishing partnerships and organize events with developer communities and with other blockchain communities.
    Our team has extensive experience and good relationships with many communities. This will help us launch many partnerships with different communities, and we always strive to establish good relationships with new partnerships and communities that are compatible with NEAR’s goals.
    Our events vary, such as AMA, Quiz, Webinar, and X Space, as we have a large community that helps us achieve our goals and ensures that a good number of users attend these events like the previous events we have done over the past years.

Budget Request

Total Budget: $1300 (Tier E)
Wallet : neararabia.near


Hi @MostafaLotfy

Thank you for your proposal. May you please get in touch with us and schedule an appointment? We are willing to know more about you and your strategy / goals. We did the same with other communities too before approving their first proposal.

btw, great to see you are promoting NEAR!

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Hi @cizi31

Sure, I will message you in Telegram, thank you.



We aim to

  • Onboarding 30 wallets.
  • 10 average transactions for 15 new wallets.
  • Reaching 10K Impressions on X.
  • Organizing 2 online events - 15 users/event with 6 swags delivery.
  • Reaching 50 active telegram members.
  • Publishing 2 article and bring 5 devs.
  • Publishing 2 videos/ 300 - 500 views.

Please check on this sheet:

Do you have plan to do partnership in this proposal?

Our latest IRL event (0xCairo) we distributed about 100 swags to developers and users who attended the event and introduced NEAR to some of them: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Arabic/status/1751358801905652163

Appreciate your effort and commitment, great job!

I can support if we can have a discussion together. And I’m also looking forward to know your other team members.

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Thank you @derymars.

I checked the sheet and everything is good.
We will not make any partnership this month.
I will have a call with Cizi today, I think you can join us so we can discuss.


Hi @MostafaLotfy Thank you for the great call. It was a pleasure to meet you.

These are good reasons to have an Arabic-speaking community on NEAR.
Please focus on the KPIs above and try to reach out to communities from the above mentioned countries.

Happy to support Near Arabic under Tier E.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

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Hello @MostafaLotfy,

Thanks for connecting on call. Unfortunately, I couldn’t connect. But I really got some positive review about your work.

I am happy to support your proposal under Tier E with $1300 for March. Would appreciate if you attach a KPI diagram in your proposal. For reference check this: Near Indonesia Proposal

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Hi @MostafaLotfy !
Thanks for your offer for March, I told you in January that your team members don’t look like people who understand NEAR, I saw positive feedback from other consuls after a call with you, unfortunately I couldn’t join.
I will give you a chance to prove yourself and support your offer for March at Tier E.
Please add a graph showing your March KPIs.

Good luck

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Thank you so much for your efforts!


Hello @iamanansari,
Thank you for your support, I have updated the proposal with the KPI diagram.


Hi @Ihor,
Thank you for your support, we will try to do our best.

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Thank you for the proposal!
With diagram and stats, KPIs are clear and easy for us to approve.
Please do the best to achieve March KPIs.
Happy to support!

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for the clarification, I support your program for March 2024.

Thank you for your support.