NDC - GWG Update Post - Q1 Payments Are Out

Crossposting the update on actuals from NDC. See the original post here on the NDC Hub

Public update: All GWG payments and bounties for Q1 have now gone out. See linked sheet for an overview. A copy of the rationale as submitted by recipients is on the second tab.

Going forward we are going to switch to a monthly payment and update cadence rather than quarterly. We used a separate topic “Retroactive bounty requests” in the NDC Community Hub TG channel for people to request bounty payments for April. During May we will start posting bounties publicly in a new BOS widget within the @neardigitalcollective.near account.

FYI: The new Q2 budget was recently communicated in a separate post by Blaze.


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Hello,trustee NDC received $24,880 for her company in Q1 from Community Treasure. @blaze when corruption is stopped in NDC. When can the Community vote for the budget and remove corrupted trustees @Primaveralina from NDC? Thnx

Hey JonyK,

Q1 bounties were paid by NEAR Foundation. To be clear, Trustees need to refrain from any decision making where a conflict of interest could be perceived. The Legal WG was consulted with regards to this specific question and was unanimous in its opinion: there is no conflict of interest in this case. Alina is not involved in the day to day work that INC4 provides to the GWG & the NDC.