[MetaPool mpDAO Activity Report] Adastra's Activity Report

It is with great pleasure that we present the activities carried out by ArtCity in the last fortnight, in accordance with the proposed project for MetaPool.

Introduction to the Report:

During the stipulated period, our team dedicated itself entirely to executing the proposed activities, aiming to promote the integration of the artistic community with MetaPool and to explore the possibilities offered by the virtual space.

Graphical Data:

Events Held:

  1. FILOVERSANDO at MetaPool:

    • Date and Time: January 8, 2024, at 7:30 PM (Brasília Time)
    • Description: We held a FILOVERSANDO event at MetaPool, with the participation of artists and enthusiasts interested in exploring the virtual space’s potentialities. During the meeting, topics related to digital art, artistic collaboration, and the role of MetaPool in the Web3 scene were discussed.
  2. MetaPool Presentation with BrazilianCare:

    • Date and Time: January 12, 2024, at 8:00 PM (Brasília Time)
    • Description: The event consisted of an introduction to MetaPool, conducted by BrazilianCare, with the goal of presenting the functionalities and opportunities offered by the platform to the artistic and creative community.

Media Posts:

  • Adastra Media Posts ✼ (MetaAdastra) / X
  • Media Posts by Lafontinne ✼ (lafontinne) / X

Photographs and Videos:

We have included some photographs and videos of the events held as evidence of the community’s engagement and interaction among the participants.


We thank MetaPool and mpDAO for their ongoing support and the opportunity to collaborate on projects that promote innovation and integration in the artistic community. We look forward to future collaborations and to continue exploring the possibilities offered by Web3.

We eagerly await feedback and are available for any further clarifications.


William Lafontinne – ArtCity

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Hey @Lafontinne, happy to have you as a new contributor! FYI, I’ve slightly edited your image to make it visible to other community members. Also, the topic has been assigned to Near Community and nodes.

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