Meta Pool on [Vietnamese] during August, 2023

Hello Meta Pool community. I am very pleased to be here for the send report, for my activities in August as ambassador.

1. Telegram Management

  • Manage the community, interact, share knowledge, important news and answer community questions
  • Support technical problems for users

2. Activities
- Quiz: Organize monthly quizzes to reinforce knowledge for users. The format of the program is:
10 questions with a reward of $50 ($5 for each) for the 10 fastest and correct answers

- Translating: Translate to Vietnamese some important posts

- Community Call: Summarize and look back at the important events of the month of Meta Pool in particular and the Near ecosystem in general, and identify the upcoming market. And finally answer the questions of the community

- Threads

- Proposal Round 3 on Initiative Voting

Thanks for your time and support

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