Meta Pool on Russia during September, 2023

Meta Pool on RUSSIA during September, 2023.

I glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool on RUSSIA during the last month.

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  1. about Meta pool have been busy developing a process whereby any member of the NEAR ecosystem can submit a request to improve the Meta pool liquid staking platform on the NEAR protocol blockchain

  2. about Meta Pool also provides a high level of security and protection for user funds. Protecting online assets is one of the most important requirements in finance. All operations take place on the basis of smart contracts, which ensure user safety and reduce the risks of fraud. In addition, Meta Pool provides 24/7 user support for any questions and problems that users who do not have sufficient experience in the field of crypto finance may encounter.

  3. about Meta Pool participation in Ethereum Argentina and The collaboration of two great players in the blockchain industry - Meta Pool and Gitcoin - opens up a new and exciting direction in the development and financing of open source projects.

  4. about Last round of voting #3

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- Proposal Round 3 on Initiative Voting

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Meta pool travelling the world. :crazy_face:

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