Meta Pool on [Nigeria] during MAY 2024

I’m pleaded to announce the activities conducted by Meta Pool in Nigeria in the month of MAY 2024 .

Among the activities for MAY , I mainly created explanatory Threads , blog post and AMAs elaborating the on the launch of $mpDAO token and it multi-chain properties .

Below are my activities :

Weekly tasks

List of explanatory X threads





Medium blogs


LinkedIn blogs

1: [Video] Daniel Efe on LinkedIn: #dao #defi #web3 #decentralized #dao #dao

2: Sign Up | LinkedIn

3: Sign Up | LinkedIn

WEEKLY AMAs ( both on X & telegram)

1: Telegram AMA session with NEAR HASUA

2: Telegram tutorial session with SOFE group

3: X space with WOMEN IN DEFI uyo district

4:X-space with KAMUSI DAO

Monthly Activities:
A web3 meet up was organized inside the university campus of Port Harcourt.

IRL Meet Up : Meta Pool's WEB3 Meet Up, In Nigeria · Luma

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