[Key Roles] Outlining the Key Roles Needed to Run Lis-Node

Key Roles (5-7 people)
Certain roles we see as being important for the success of the project are:

Community Management (1 person)

Ensure that the community is organized, so that there is a strong foundation to build upon

Events Coordination (1 person)

Plan events for the community to come together and empower eachother

  • Support the community by facilitating:
    • Event planning, coordination, management
    • Incorporating $NEAR into local events (external & internal)
    • Ensure that (input) awesome events → (output) useful content that can be used to support/educate the local community
    • Use events, powered by NEAR, as a way to empower the local community

Dev Support (1-3 persons)

Have fun building real & useful tools for the community

  • Support the community by facilitating:
    • Dapp creation for use cases needed by members of the community
    • Support for local projects looking to adopt NEAR tech
    • General educational/support resource for local dev teams adopting NEAR

Ecosystem Success (BD) (2 people)

Ensure that projects that DO end up adopting NEAR tech are successful long after implementation!

From an Arts & Culture side:

  • Reach out to and manage relationships with local culture and arts communities in order to learn how to more efficiently support their goals
  • Coordinate with local culture and arts communities to solve problems they are currently facing (hopefully using tools build on NEAR)
  • Work with creative projects within the NEAR ecosystem to find real working solutions for local artists.

From a General Community Onboarding side:

  • Reach out to and manage relationships with local communities in order to better learn how to support their goals
  • Coordinate with local projects, businesses, communities (anyone with a need), to figure out how the NEAR protocol can be of support to solve their real-world problems (what tools need to be built)
  • Work with projects already within the NEAR ecosystem to find projects that can solve these issues

Heyyy Chloe & the Near team, hope you’re all well :partying_face:

Sorry it’s taken a while to come back to you on this, we (Arroz Criativo) have been talking about this and would love to volunteer our team to help implement it. We have a lot of ideas and are already reaching out to other organisations to join the ecosystem.

As a group we can offer extensive experience and contacts within Lisbon and the creative sector here from grassroots non-profit organisations to links with policy makers, traditional funding bodies and local government.

Since the birth of our Near guild / DAO we have been onboarding our community and are currently training two more people to help us run the systems and generally help pull our association and wider network into the web3 space.

So in short I think we can contribute a team of talented and creative individuals that can take on the roles below and can expand as the project scales.

Community Management - Tabea (@tabear )
Ecosystem Success - Steven (@StevenR )
Event Coordination - Halison (@halisonlp )
Design, artwork & branding - Laura & Erica (Laura Penez & @ericadoo)

The team will be a mixture of experienced individuals within the NEAR guild & DAO system and some people new to Web3 with a background from Lisbon. It will be led by @tabear and myself.

Having spoken a lot with yourself Chloe and Shreyas on this earlier today I think the next step would be to have a kick-off / OKR meeting to describe the overall objectives and how what we’re currently doing and ideas can align with that?

Let me know thoughts, available through telegram as always :pray:



Very happy to be part of team, looking forward!
For anything you need I’m available through telegram @arrozcreativo



previous post has been edited due to the fact, as mentioned in here, that August will be my last month as the Community manager for Arroz Criativo and Arroz is currently looking for a person to fill up that role. I will do my best to provide a smooth transition and I’m looking forward seeing Arroz’ residents grow within the eco system :rocket:


Understood. Although, to be clear, supporting the Lisbon city node does not correlate to having a position at Arroz or anywhere else.

The idea is to elevate community members who are interested in supporting NEAR’s local presence in “key cities”. I know you’re not in the city everyday anymore, but you seem to be providing a lot of support for the local community with Muti DAO (although potentially the scope of Lisbon is too great, and that’s alright as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

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