Key Ecosystem Metrics and Analytics Weekly Updates Jun 21

Time: June 13 - June 20

:chains: NEAR Explorer Stats

:bar_chart: NEAR Ecosystem Scoreboard

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What happened?

Monthly Active Developer — MAD

MAD Internal (based on CLI data in the last 30 days)

MAD internal continued to increase, almost reaching the level of 500. This is a healthy indicator of our developer activities.

Daily Active Developer (External)

External measure of active developers decreased last week by huge percentage. This is a result of less engagement with our core repo on github. Two reasons that can be derived are the issue with the data source, and the issue that most of the developers were developing their projects that were not linked to the near repo and that the bounties program was not really active.

Ecosystem Scoreboard

  • Note: The percentages next to the numbers are the comparisons to pervious week(7 days ago), with green showing increase and red showing decrease.

Monthly Active Developer(External): 117 → 101 (-13.7%)

Key Efforts Last week

Many of these are key contributing factors to the data changes last week

June 14

  • CogX event
  • Bowen Wang release NEAR Protocol Development Roadmap

June 15

  • Mintbase RaveSpace Gallery open

June 16

  • PixelPets live on NEAR
  • Treasury DAO announcement

June 17

  • Next Top Blockchain Startup Competition recommended NEAR
  • Dani speaks at DeFi summit conference

June 18

  • Open Web Sandbox Party

June 19

  • NFT Hip Pop Auction Live

I know this might not be the full list, so please feel free to add more amazing things here.

Top Line Metrics Dive

Daily New Developers

From CLI

Major increase took place on June 14th and June 17th when CogX summit started and Next Top Blockchain Competition Recommendation was twitted. This shows that these two events were able to attract developer attention and interests.

Weekly Active Developer Internal & Weekly Active Dev-deploy/Deploy

From CLI data in the last 30 days Weekly

The two metrics were stable at the level of 150-175 with a spike on June 17th. The ration between the two remained stable, showing that developers were actively developing their contracts.

Daily Transaction

Daily transaction number kept increasing last week, reaching the highest level in the last 30 days during the weekend. This shows that the events last week and usage generated by Mintbase, Pixelpets and NFT hippop were hugely successful.

Daily New Accounts

The number of new accounts skyrocketed on June 20th, coming from a combined effort of the NFT hippop event, Treasury DAO announcement etc.

Bridge Top Line Metrics

Comparison to last week:

Total Liquidity Hold: $917,636 to $946,729(+3.2%)

Total Transactions Count: 655 to 677(+3.4%)

Bridge remained a stable increase from the liquidity and tx number.

Main Contracts Engagements (last 30 days)

From top to bottom are: Ref-finance, Flux, Paras. BerryClub+BerryFarm+BerryCard, Mintbase, nearcrowd

Berryclub, Flux, and Paras experienced some increase in engagement during the weekend of last week, mostly because of the launch of NFT Hippop and some events that brought attention the the NEAR ecosystem.

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Hello, could you please tell me the source of “Bridge Top Line Metrics” please?

Hi, yes, we query the bridge contract on NEAR from the chain and visualize the data in the format of a dashboard that is showing here.

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