Keep It Local Live Presents It's Lit Volume 4 : Virtual Poetry Showcase

We at KIL are trying to reach new heights in terms of events in the local metaverse and we’ve proven our worth after successfully organising our third live poetry event with KIL DAO, KIL would like to organise yet another poetry reading event in July 2022 that will feature three Southeast Asian poets who will officially be onboarded to the NEAR ecosystem.

Proposed Date and Venue : July 30 2022 at The Playground, Cryptovoxels
Time : 9pm - 10pm

The live poetry reading/special showcase from three writers/poets. The writers/poets and KIL will produce and pre-record a performance for the showcase. This showcase will be streamed via KIL’s Twitch channel and broadcast at The Playground CV.

Each writer/poet will be given a maximum duration of 12 minutes to perform for each showcase. The audience will then be directed to the virtual gallery to view and receive an exclusive NFT by KIL.

KIL will mint 1 NFT’s created by the artists on our official MINTBASE Store.

The event will be promoted via KIL’s channels on social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

Event Management for 1x events - $500
Performance Fee for 3x writers/poets - $600 (200 USD each)
Venue fee for The Playground at Cryptovoxels - $50 for 1x events
Twitch production - $60 for 1x events
Marketing and Promotion for 1x event (Design for posters and promo materials) - $300
Total : $1510

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Hey @JudeKIL , how are you doing? Quick few questions re: the proposal above:

$500 seems a lot for the scope of event management here, could you give a breakdown?

Who owns the Playground, Cryptovoxels? ie. who is receiving the rental fee?

Also, it seems like there is a miscalculation in the overall budget, I’ve calculated $1510. Am I missing something?

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Hey @ted.iv thanks for the feedback as we are more than happy to answer your questions.

$500 budget is allocated based on the following scope and services.

  • Itinerary
  • obtaining assets from all acts,
  • creating project brief
  • minting of NFT’S via KIL Store
  • Video recording and images from event for monthly reports
  • Coordinating with @netunoblu for Twitch streams
  • Produce 3x video for talent
  • Coordinate with venue The Playground at Cryptovoxels on the itinerary/agenda, parcel placements, NFT promos

The Playground at Cryptovoxels is owned by @vandal and he receives the rental fee for the venue.

Lastly based on the calculation for the overall budget, I apologize as it is a mistake on my end. It is $1510, apologies for the inconvenience. I have proceeded to change it on our proposal.

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