Is it the time for we to discuss about the 0.2 $Near Storage fee

As I mentioned in the topic title, I think we should discuss about the storage fee at the moment.
The problem: 0.2Near for a wallet right now is very cheap but in the long-term, when $Near hits around > 20$ / token. Then that 0.2 $Near >= $4. This will be increased by the time price of $Near is getting higher and higher

The topic of storage fee had been discussed at the following link:

But in my opinion, it seems still hasn’t optimized the use of storage fees. Therefore I would make a suggestion like this.

Option 1: + Based on the topic by our BlackDragon, I would suggest making an automatic algorithm to calculate the storage fee depends on the price of $Near. The higher $Near gets, the less storage fee we need to maintain $Near wallet is accessible by everyone.
Option 2: + We come up with a solution to get rid of the storage fee and getting mass adoption ($Near wallet for all) like we used to do before?
Option 3: + Use stable coin instead of $Near. This require more complicated work from devs because I haven’t seen any chain can do this uptill now.

Reason: From my point of view who is in the group chat on telegram for quite some time, newcomers usually confuse about the process of creating a Near Wallet or hesitate to invest 0.2 $Near to make a wallet. I am not sure this is the right way to do since We have tons of awesome apps and project on upcoming time. So getting rid of the storage fee is a way we let newcomers have an ease of mind to access and explore our new apps/projects on Near.

This is my personal point of view. Please let me know your idea on this
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It’s actually more like 0.0224 N or something but the way wallet is implemented requires 0.2 N. So if you really need cheaper accounts created you’ll have to create a tool to use contracts like this:

Cheap accounts are useful for a number of reasons e.g. airdrop. But I don’t think we can differentiate between storage costs and account costs. This would just introduce unnecessary complexity.

Thank you for the reply, Matt!

After recent talked with illia, his idea is also making stable coin to be the storage fee. I really like this idea, but this seems to need more complex work from devs.
Hope this could work somedays