Invite to Testing of our Closed Beta for Targeted Web3 Advertising [Pr3sence]

NEAR Gov Community,

’Pr3sence’, a blockchain driven ads server currently on NEAR that lets projects and individuals grow their online presence through targeted ads.

We are going to become the ‘Google Ads of Web3’, bringing cutting edge Ads and marketing services that are new and novel to Web3.

We use machine learning and AI to analyse on-chain data from user wallets, and then provide targeted ads based on this. The ads we show come from our pool of advertisers, who are web3 projects interested in advertising themselves, and want to try paid forms of non-community driven approaches.

The ads are shown on dApps that ‘Host’ our ads, these host sites have a NEAR wallet login - which is how we target the ads shown to users.

We want to invite Projects in the NEAR ecosystem to join our closed Beta and advertise using our amazing platform, its super easy! Here is how it works:
1)Make an account
2)Create a campaign and upload your ads
3)Top up NEAR balance
4)Share ads to Targeted users on popular NEAR dApps!

if you are interested, please contact us via:
Twitter: @Web3_Pr3sence
Filling out the enquiry form on our site:

and we will add you to the Beta.

The Pr3sence Team


Wow, that is awesome, but what are the benefits of being a beta tester? The majority of early testers come with a reward.

Hey Bakaka,

Ad Hosts in our beta test will benefit from increased revenue due to lower fees, we will only be taking a 10% cut of advertisement fees to cover our costs, meaning all the rest goes to the Host.

Advertisers in our beta will benefit from representing a larger proportion of the pool of advertisers, and get to be the first to try a completely new way of advertising in web3.

We truly believe our platform will be effective and result in returns to advertisers.


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