My name is Abdulkareem Oyeneye; I am a wood collage artist, music promoter, web3 enthusiast, community builder, and a council member of Young fresh creative and community Dao.

I am delighted that this idea is finally coming to light in this space after various brainstorming meetings and discussions. In the background, I have been testing various objectives, creating a well-defined structure, and engaging in extensive discussions with likeminded. I was given the opportunity to share this idea recently in the “Creative Dao meeting” where I got positive feedbacks and impressions.

With all the groundwork that has been done, I am pleased to announce the birth the NEAR X ART Dao.

This Dao entails very practical functions and a well-defined work layout of a “DAO”. This structure will have a good number of active communities/guilds in the Art/Nft segment of the Near eco system.

Mission: Empowering creatives and promoting sustainability of the ecosystem

Vision: Becoming the major channel for diverse art and creative minting in the ecosystem

We intend to create the following communities

Process Map of Near X Art DAO

1.Afrikan Art Collection

The main goal of this community is to empower Afrikan Artists with knowledge of the existence of web3, its attributes, and benefits. We aim to train artists on how to create unique afrikan art that would be unique to everyone; hence, making it the real “Non-Fungible Token”.

This community has already started its movement few weeks ago with support from mintbase dao. We had a live empowerment program in Lagos where we successfully trained and empowered numerous Afrikan Artist on how to use mintbase, how to open a near wallet, how to create Afrikan art, and how to use Astro dao, etc.

For this project, $20 dollars was also rewarded to each participant. Kindly check out the highlight of the event here. I intend to expand on this project through this guild to reach a diverse audience and numerous creatives.
Also check out the Afrikan Art Collection store
There is an on going art challenge I am currently managing, it fosters on the theme metaverse
check here for the art challenge

2.Creating Utility:

Some of the NFTs minted in our store will be available in its physical form, to be delivered to the collectors/buyers in any part of the world.

This is one of the major goal of the Near x Art DAO. We aim to provide utility for the Nfts thus attributing more value to it and making it more attractive for collectors.

3.Wildlife/Animal Art Collection

This community will be centered on creating and curating art of different types and forms in relation to animals. These NFT project is aimed to support the pets and wildlife across the globe; 40% of the revenue generated from this project will be donated to animal care.

4.Ghetto photography

The aim of this community is to create photographs and capture some parts of the world with less inadequate infrastructures. This aspect of the segment is to bring awareness, so the world at large understands that there are areas that need attention. These photographs will be minted as an NFT and 70% of the funds from this project will be given back to those deprived communities to support the places showed in the NFT. 30% will go to the creators of this photos.

5.Metaverse Show

We intend to bring some of the events from the above communities to the metaverse via crypto voxel. This will shine light on our activities and be a form of accountability on these projects. I have pioneered this aspect by airing our last event on empowering “Afrikan Artists” on metaverse last Saturday, 26th of March 2022 with the help @gushlewis in setting up the cryptovoxel space.

Council members: @supercoolkay @larkim @Bimpsyy @gushlewis

@Larkim is an artist, a web 3 enthusiast and a community builder with so much influence in the ecosystem. He has onboarded quite a lot of people into the ecosystem like me. I have also witnessed his impact on communities like muti dao, Afrikanburn and NxM guild.

@Bimpsyy based in Canada with experience in auditing and quality assurance.

She will bring her skill set into the general overview of the projects, it’s lifecycle, compliance and would ensure that all aspect of the protects are carried out most especially in the Wildlife art segment.

@Gushlewis is a Brazilian artist, composer, producer and meta-architect. He has worked with Metaverse DAO, Spiritual DAO and currently working with Nomade Label DAO.

As each community under the Near x Art Dao starts its journey to achieving its goal, the council members will be updated with people with similar visions.

Thank you for taking the time to review my project and for the support in bringing this dream to life. I am glad to be a pioneer in the development of the ecosystem.


@creativesdao-council :sunglasses:
@creativesdao-council :star_struck: :innocent:


Great initiative. Ready to work​:white_heart:


Happy to have you @larkim!


Kindly check the introduction to Near X Art Dao

@FritzWorm @Monish016 @tabear @ted.iv @shiftshapr @hevertonharieno @adrianseneca @creativesdao-council
thank you for your time. :blush::heart:


Excellent! Exciting to see the part about teaching children/teenagers. Good that parents do all the stuff with kids. Maybe best to frame this part as families and teenagers (17+) at least for Near Foundation as they just recently put out a funding restriction for children: Funding Restriction: Working with Children

I am happy participate.

Love the part about wildlife art. I am working with a wildlife artist from South Africa @sabrinarupp who may be interested in participating.


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Thank you @shiftshapr

I just got to know about the children/teenagers restriction :frowning:. However, that segment can be modified to educate collage students between the age bracket 17+ and above.

I am glad you like the wildlife art part. I would love to have like-mind like you when project on that segment kickoff on the Near x Art Dao.

We plan to make the Afrikan Art Collection segment the first project under the NxA dao. Can I get a tag yet? So I can proceed with other necessities.

Thanks once again for the time and support!

I am happy to serve.


Hello @Supercoolkay

I’m Sabrina, the wildlife artist @shiftshapr was mentioning.

So happy to meet you here.

I would be thrilled to be a part of the NEAR x ART DAO project.

If you’re interested in learning more about my art and mission, please visit my website www.sabrinarupprecht.com or my instagram Sabrinarupprechtart .

I have previously sold my physical art in collaboration with various wildlife conservation organizations, and am currently working on my first NFT launch, with the same goal in mind.

I could see my work fitting into your category 1 African Art or maybe more fitting category 3 Wildlife Art.


Hi Sabrina! Great to see you here.

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Thank you, likewise! And thanks so much for mentioning me!

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Wow. This is really interesting. Please is there a telegram group for the NEAR x ART DAO?I would love to join. I love this

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yaay! Glad you are in tuned to our vision. Telegram: Join Group Chat Kindly join us on telegram and feel free to participate in any of our open bounties.
We are happy to have you.

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Thank you very much for the warm reception. Hoping to achieve greatness with everyone :blush:

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It’s my pleasure! Happy to have you once again.