Introducing NEAR Health

NEAR Health is built in the rapidly growing Healthtech ecosystem, it aims to utilize NEAR’s technology for healthcare.
NEAR Health is bringing the Near Protocol’s scalable blockchain technology to healthcare to enable community driven innovations that benefits people around the world.
This is a community of individuals equipped with the tools to build decentralized applications, utilize NFTs and explore the open web to solve real life healthcare problems using the infrastructures in the #NearProtocol ecosystem and beyond.

Guild Name: NEAR Health

Guild Leaders: @Mohaa @jabaalXdrag

Sputnik DAO: Soon™


Most of the blockchain use cases applied in healthcare industries uses the Ethereum blockchain, these applications spans from Securing, ease of access and sharing of patient data, professional communication, supply chain, drug traceability monitoring and tracking origins of diseases and outbreaks to creating a marketplace to buy, sell and share encrypted genetic information to create a wider database.
NEAR Health aims to bring the NEAR Protocol’s user friendly, scalable, fast, and nearly gassless infrastructures to Healthcare.
In addition, NEAR Health also aims to expand the NEAR NFT space by bringing Healthcare related NFTs. Brings medical gaming into Near and VR/AR Healthcare to the metaverse. NEAR Health will also carryout healthcare public goods for the community.
NEAR Health will also be sponsoring and/or collaborating in healthtech educational programs.


Our vision is to become the pioneers and the best community enabling blockchain innovations and web 3.0 knowledge in the Healthcare industry to benefits people around the world.

About NEAR Health

The growth in healthtech space over the years has been tremendous, 95% of medical service information in Estonia is secured using blockchain.
Hundreds startup companies are building dApps for healthcare, already established healthcare companies are adopting the blockchain to improve their services, NEAR Health aims to make the world use NEAR blockchain in building a better healthcare.
A large number of countries spend a reasonable amount of their GDP on healthcare. The U.S is poised to spend 20% of its GDP on healthcare in the near future. If that stat wasn’t jarring enough, consider the industry continues to be plagued by skyrocketing hospital costs, inefficient practices and constant data breaches. These (very expensive) problems are spurring a drive for greater efficiency and innovation.
With its ability to deflate the current spending bubble, protect patient data and improve overall experience, using blockchain in healthcare may help ease the pain. The technology is already being used to do everything from securely encrypt patient data to manage the outbreak of harmful diseases. And at least one country is big on the potential of blockchain healthcare; Estonia.
Companies like Akiri, Embleema, Chronicled, Factom, Coreal Health, Nebula Genomics, Blockpharma and so much more are doing great things for healthcare with blockchain.

Imagine a telemedicine where patients consult with their doctors via video, VR, games and pay for those consultations with crypto tokens.

Now coming to NFTs, So image minting an NFT of your genetic information, researchers can buy the NFT for educational purposes, drug development, research, and so much more, but remember you still are the original owner of that information. Don’t you think this is a better way of benefitting from what made you than just having the results with you or selling them to an individual or company for a one time payment?
This is just one thing NFTs can do for healthcare, there are hundreds of other use cases.

Imagine playing game as a practice to solve a diagnostic puzzle.
Imagine been cured in the metaverse :grin:

Imagine as a medical student, you don’t have to use cadaver(dead bodies) for practicals, VR/AR medicine and the metaverse would be so cool.
The things we can do with NEAR Health are just too much to list.

NEAR Health will bring all these innovations to the NEAR ecosystem, we’ll grow a strong community of thousands that are enthusiastic about healthtech

This post on NEAR Health LinkedIn summarize us in hashtags


Telegram: Join NEAR Health group chat
LinkedIn: Follow/View NEAR Health LinkedIn page
Twitter: Follow NEAR Health on twitter
Instagram: Follow/View NEAR Health on Instagram
YouTube: NEAR Health YouTube channel
Medium: NEAR Health Blog
Email: healthnear@gmail.com
Website: www.nearhealth.io (TBA)

NEAR Wallet: nearhealth.near

Stuff we’ll do for the NEAR ecosystem

  • Bring healthtech projects to NEAR just as there are dozens already built on ETH
  • Expanding the NEAR NFT space by bringing Healthcare related NFTs
  • Utilize projects built on NEAR for for healthcare dAPPs
    -bUtilize NEAR devs for healthcare projects
  • Bring medical gaming to NEAR blockchain gaming space
    -bIntegrate VR/AR healthcare into the NEAR metaverse projects
  • Public goods in the name of NEAR
  • Carry NEAR name to the healthcare industry and beyond

Individuals/Industries we will be working with outside the NEAR ecosystem

  • Healthcare workers
  • Medical and paramedical students
  • Big data companies
  • Medical research centres
  • Medical Publications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • VR/AR companies
  • Gaming
  • Patients
  • Artists
  • And of course health is for all, so the general public.

Roadmap (rough)

  • 02 2022
    -Team Recruitment
    -Team meetings
    -Seeking advisors/mentors
    -Social networks creation
    -Early partnerships
    -Branding and content creation

  • 03-04 2022
    -Massively growing the community with healthtech enthusiasts and the general public
    -AMA about NEAR
    -nearhealth.sputnikdao.near creation
    -AMA on Healthtech, blockchain applications in healthcare, NFTs in healthcare, Blockchain gaming in healthcare, VR and the metaverse use cases in healthcare
    -AMA on using NEAR infrastructures in healthtech
    -Video content creation
    -Twitter Space(blockchain in healthcare)
    -Collaboration with other guilds

  • 05 2022
    -Organizing Online events with guests such as doctors, tech entrepreneurs, devs, blockchain experts and more to talk about blockchain use cases in healthcare
    -Collaborating with other guilds for projects
    -Exploring and working with Near projects such as Flux Protocol, Proximity, Paras, Mintbase and more
    -Exploring Aurora for healthcare applications
    -Launching a public good project
    -Initiating NEAR Health NFT art collection
    -Participating in Healthcare industries events to speak about blockchain applications in Healthcare.

  • 06 2022
    -Laughing Official email
    -Launching Official website
    -Partnering with Corpsemen Guild for a Climate Change project
    -Partnering with Cypherpunk Guild for a patient data privacy project
    -Collaborating with Healthcare industries
    -Collaborating with the NFT related guilds to bring healthcare NFTs

  • 07-08 2022
    -Offering free Consultation to Healthcare industries finding out problems that can be solved by NEAR blockchain
    -Documenting those problems and their solutions
    -Connecting NEAR devs with the healthcare industries to offer their services.
    -Appearing in Web3 Publications, podcasts and interviews

  • 09-10 2022
    -Attending and/or Organizing physical Healthcare Blockchain technology submits and events
    -Starting a sort of play-to-earn game but in this case it’d be like track-to-earn or check-your-health-to-earn game.

  • 11 2022
    -Diving and finding opportunities in Virtual reality medicine, Augmented reality medicine, healthcare metaverse and medical gaming
    -Bringing such ideas and opportunities to NEAR protocol.

  • Q1 2023
    -Initiating the Medical NFT marketplace project; this would be connecting buyer and sellers of all kinds of medical item capable of being an NFT such as Genetic information, Research, Rare medical cases, Art, Videos, Pictures, Moments, Records, Data, Survey and more.

  • Q2 2023
    Creating healthtech educational program with the help of Near University, Near Academy, NearLearn Club and more.

Nearhealthprofile.pdf (662.3 KB)

The more details the better according to @mecsbecs @David_NEAR @jlwaugh @AnaNastya, but it’s getting bulkier

Why NEAR Health

  • Keeping our important medical data safe and secure is the most popular blockchain healthcare application at the moment, which isn’t surprising. Security is a major issue in the healthcare industry. Between 2009 and 2017, more than 176 million patient records were exposed in data breaches. The perpetrators stole credit card and banking information, as well as health and genomic testing records.

  • Blockchain’s ability to keep an incorruptible, decentralized and transparent log of all patient data makes it a technology rife for security applications. Additionally, while blockchain is transparent it is also private, concealing the identity of any individual with complex and secure codes that can protect the sensitivity of medical data. The decentralized nature of the technology also allows patients, doctors and healthcare providers to share the same information quickly and safely.

  • Miscommunication between medical professionals costs the healthcare industry a staggering $11 billion a year. The time consuming process of obtaining access to a patient’s medical records exhausts staff resources and delays patient care. Blockchain-based medical records offers a cure for these ills.
    The decentralized nature of the technology creates one ecosystem of patient data that can be quickly and efficiently referenced by doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and anyone else involved in treatment. In this way, the blockchain can lead to faster diagnoses and personalized care plans.

  • How much do we really know about our medicine? Can we be sure it hasn’t been tampered with? Is it coming from a legitimate supplier? These questions are the primary concerns of the medical supply chain, or the link between the lab and the marketplace.
    Blockchain has serious implications for pharmaceutical supply chain management, and its decentralization virtually guarantees full transparency in the shipping process. Once a ledger for a drug is created, it will mark the point of origin (ie. a laboratory). The ledger will then continue to record data every step of the way, including who handled it and where it has been, until it reaches the consumer. The process can even monitor labor costs and waste emissions.

  • The potential of genomics to improve the future of human health, once a dream, is now a scientific and financial reality. In 2001, it cost $1 billion to process a human genome. Today it costs about $1,000, and companies like 23andMe and Ancestry.com are bringing DNA tests that unlock clues to our health and past to millions of homes.
    Blockchain is a perfect fit for this growing industry as it can safely house billions of genetic data points. It’s even become a marketplace where people can sell their encrypted genetic information to create a wider database, giving scientists access to valuable data faster than ever before.

  • Blockchain applications can accurately identify severe mistakes and even dangerous ones in the medical field.

  • The Blockchain makes the entire prescription process transparent, from manufacturing to pharmacy shelves. Congestion, freight direction, and speed may all be tracked using IoMT and Blockchain

At stake
Currently NEAR Health team structure is made of doctors, medics, entrepreneurs, researchers, writers, project manager, marketing strategist, dev, all with standard knowledge of blockchain and the healthcare, if you can offer something good to the team, especially the devs, we are many more than happy to have you.
NEAR Health is literally for everyone that loves good things, y’all are welcome to join the community using the social links above.

About NEAR Health onboarding process, I’ve had my first contact with @jcatnear on 3rd February and since then, we’ve been working really hard to make this a better initiative.

@damboy22 (NPK Guild)
@riqi (Paras)
@aminubi (NEAR Foundation)

My name is Muhammad and I am the founder of NEAR Health, I’ll be really grateful for any kind of support from the ecosystem.
My socials:
Twitter: twitter profile
LinkedIn: LinkedIn profile
Telegram: Dm me
Discord: Muhammadxv#7065
Email: workwithmuhammads@gmail.com

when you feel a little headache, dive into the NEAR Health virtual clinic, see ya :wink:


This is just lovely, and as can see refined product are coming out of #npk-guild (near Nigeria community). Started first with near university hub lead by @Hsmoney now near health. Health for all via the near blockchain. Awesome bro keep it up
@Jessica @jcatnear @shreyas


Thank you man, for better health :muscle:

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Npk guild is Heading to the top
After the suspension of the nation wide Strike
Near university Hub will start full operation :muscle::muscle:

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But honestly I love this :heartbeat::heartbeat:


@decentricity - flagging you in this in case there’s an opportunity for collaboration here between NEAR Health Guild + DeBio Network.


Thank you @mecsbecs, DeBio looks incredible, I love it

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This is the beginning of even greater things to come.
Near health will bring blockchain and the Near Ecosystem to the wider population.

We are looking forward to collaborating with communities and individuals in the Near Ecosystem.
Let’s get it​:raised_hands:


W00T! That’s one of the most in-depth introductions I have seen in a while. @Mohaa Congratulations on the guild launch.

Since you have already provided all the necessary information, I would keep in touch. until then, let’s keep the ball rolling.

As far as NFTs go in the NEAR ecosystem, a collaboration with #near-nft-club for the launch of the Health NFTs would be super interesting. once again, great job!


Thank you @simeon4real, looking forward to achieving great things together, I’ll dm you on telegram

Looking forward to it. (That’s if you don’t see me in your DMs first.) :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

As a medicine student and blockchain fancier, I Am so excited about it :handshake::heart:

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Congratulations on this initiative! It is great to see a guild specializing on bringing Health/Medicine and NEAR closer. As a Pharma insider, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on the guild’s development, as well as any concrete tasks that might need attention and my help.

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Thank you @waldmatias, appreciate the support :wave: looking forward to it

Using blockchain technology in the healthcare industry would tremendously improve patient care globally without a doubt. As the Health system continues to face several challenges, especially in patient data privacy and delivery of care. I must confess that we require disruptive technologies at this time.

Near Health looks into this vision by leveraging on Near’s Protocol scalable blockchain technology to solve these inadequacies. The Near Health Guild has a very solid Roadmap and a great team I must say that I have no doubts that we’ll have a radical change in the healthcare Industry.

Please join us in achieving this vision.

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@David_NEAR can we get a tag please?

Hey, when you start making more threads absolutely

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Okay, thank you very much

i can’t lie… I’ve always dreamed of going to medical school but i never did given how much it costs in time and resources to finish it. but maybe if we offered digital classes and education in the metaverse it would make medicine more accessible to all

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Medicine needs practice, but nonetheless everything is possible in the future, in web3 we trust