[Introduction] Near Fashion DAO

Name: The NEAR FASHION DAO Prev (Near style and MERCHANDISE DAO)
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This DAO is preconceived after a thorough and careful research and study around the Near protocol ecosystem. We came to understand that each category of talent has a particular dao or group in the Near Protocol Ecosystem, but styling and merchandise does not have.
In view of this we are proposing a DAO which will be catering for the fabric and style branding needs of the Near Protocol Ecosystem. The Near style and merchandise DAO is aimed at creating a community where we groom different people with different styling ideas, all geared at giving the near procol ecosystem the best in styling and merchandising.

We are looking at creating a DAO which will be sole responsible for creation of Near fashion statements, creation of unique and very stylish designs that carries the Near mission statement. We are equally looking at supplying the near ecosystem with clothing style for events, awarenesses, souvenirs, and also for contract supplies of Near merch for global outreach in the Near ecosystem. Some of these fabrics would equally be sold as NFTs to generate funds for the ecosystem.

Who are we?

Mission statement:
Our mission is to create a consented and ageless awareness of near by publishing logos, websites and even simple prompts of how to open a Near wallet. We intend to do this by branding novel sewn clothes with near logo and materials while also conveying it through styling, fashion statements and models. We intend to onboard people into the near ecosystem by making sure that every purchase that will be done in the Near style and merchandise DAO to be in Near cryptocurrency…
We intend to open Near wallets for those who are not yet onboarded into the Near Protocol Ecosystem but have interest in our products.

Beyond doubts we intend to beat odds to provide a convenient and excellent branding styles and merchandising in the near ecosystem and beyond. By The end of the Year, the near merchandise dDAO through impressive performances and feedbacks will be the sole go to dao for near merchandise and styling consultation for all events going on in the ecosystem.

Our Projects would revolve around the following highlights below:

  • Creating Stylized merch to serve the needs of Guilds and DAOs in nEAR Ecosystem

_ Hosting a Catalog of clothing styles and patterns for available supply to Ecosystem personell upon request

_ Host a catalog of branded item designs and merchandise for sale as NFts in DAO store. Items would range from headphones to backpacks and

2D/3D Fashion NFTs
Fashion Meets
Onboarding Fashion designers
COntracting creatives artists for designs

There is so much we are in anticipation wanting to bring to the ecosystem and do on behalf of NEAR to bring its dream of mass adoption into reality especially through diverse cultural arts of different people.

We would be in contact with moderators of the creative DAO @FritzWorm , @adrianseneca ,@HevertonHarieno, to help us with the 5N for creating and registering this DAO on Astro

Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts and feedback about our innovation.




When I read the title I can imagine a cloth offering like this:

Thats my boy and u can see in the pick a self made baby tshirt xD

So, your DAO is going to offer a service?

What will be the key difference with the following store from Swagger DAO:


Fam I must commend, your baby is sooo cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:, wish I can have one already.
Answering your question Partner,

How about joining Near Merch with cultural art of a people. Let Near be in conjunction with the people’s myth and symbols that connotes an important event of them. Imagine having this Near quotes with some Indian traditional arts, that your baby grows up to ask you questions on. It’s one of our uniqe values.
@FritzWorm we want the world at large to be represented and allured into near protocol through what they cherish and practice.


Thats a cool idea!

Making my questions to understand more partner

So you will organize open call for the community to pick designs and quotes and then you will use that to create merchandise?

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Sure fam.
From our funding request Sir. The community picks the style then we create the best and work with them. Everything we do is community based @FritzWorm