[Introduction] ctrl.BUILDERS | Metaverse Builders Guild | NEAR OUTPOST

tuDSgFgi_400x400 ctrl.BUILDERS | Metaverse Builders Guild | NEAR OUTPOST

Guild Name: ctrl.BUILDERS | Metaverse Builders Guild | NEAR OUTPOST
Guild Leader(s): Fishbrain | Liliia | Gvan | (multisig)
Guild AstroDAO Address: ctrl.sputnik-dao.near
Guild Communication Channels: ctrl.chat
Guild Tier (self-identified): Tier 2

1. Vision/Mission

MISSION: uplifting BUILDERS and connecting with BUILD PARTNERS.

We are looking to hold an open forum on NEAR for builders, parcel owners, and those interested in building in the Metaverse, seeking partners, and looking to build their skills within in a positive, inclusive, and supportive community.

2. Our Members


Members of our community are builders, land owners, and those with a stake in the build-out of the metaverse. Anybody can take part in the ctrl.BUILDERS ecosystem at a level comfortable for them. This is a place for us all to “get-in-where-we-fit-in”. Think of it as a mix between a union, an academy, and an agency for building in the metaverse.

Guild Leaders

Here are our leaders, who will form the BUILDERS group in the CTRL DAO. More on that below!

  • fishbrain (mindcontrol.near) | captain of CTRL
  • liliia.near | first-mate | lead architect & design
  • gvan.near | tech lead / lead engineer

Members of ctrl.BUILDERS

What does membership look like in ctrl.BUILDERS?

There are many ways one can get involved in the BUILDERS Guild. If you are a BUILDER, you can get involved on the forums and in ctrl.chat (our Discord).

If you would like to have us build FOR you, we would like to be the ones hosting the space for people seeking BUILDS to be connecting with BUILDERS.

To help facilitate this, and maintain a regular stream of income, we are readying to launch an NFT collection that would give holders access to our builders, voxel artists, and much more. Primary sales of membership will recieve a full bespoke build from ctrl.BUILDERS. This is how we plan to grow the Guild rapidly, and with the support of NEAR, turn this into a fully self-sustaining DAO, supported by, and in support of metaverse BUILDERS.

CTRL DAO Leaders

The CTRL NEAR DAO is the umbrella DAO which forms the groups such as BUILDERS, as part of the bigger picture. Other groups we will be looking to create are, “WEARABLES”, “MUSIC”, “COLLECT”, “EVENTS” and more. We will share with you the full scope of the CTRL DAO in a future proposal.

  • @Dedeukwu
  • @fishbrain | BUILDERS council
  • Liliia (awaiting vote approval)
  • Gvan (awaiting vote approval)

The DAO has been created. We are currently going through initial votes, and awaiting approval of our Guild leaders to proceed with creating these groups.

3. Value Roadmap


Grant Request: Tier 2 - $8,000 per month

For SUMMER, we are looking for Tier 2 support, to kickstart this project.


  1. Establish BUILDERS home-base on NEAR (BUILDERS forum)
  2. Onboard current ctrl.BUILDERS leaders, members, and community
  3. Build-out the official BUILDERS headquartes in Voxels.com
  4. Establish & create the all-access pass for those wanting BUILDERS
  5. Facilitate connections between BUILDERS and those who want BUILDS
  6. Build-out a robust project management support for BUILDERS
  7. Start work on an education & training environment for BUILDERS
  8. Create the BUILDERS group in the CTRL DAO
  9. Supporting leadership team


  1. Publicly launch the CTRL membership campaign
  2. Start implementing our EVENTS strategy, and integrate with BUILDERS
  3. Explore how we can be of service to NEAR community & DAO’s
  4. Study, test, and check how CTRL membership benefits BUILDERS
  5. Build-out official BUILDERS headquarters in Decentraland


  1. Build-out official BUILDERS headquartes in Somnium Space
  2. Asses the success metrics of the past 3 months
  3. Wrap up SUMMER projects where possible, and prepare for AUTUMN
  4. First reward/air-drop to community
  5. Assess success of our DAO-to-DAO relationships


You can comment on this post to join the GUILD. You can also join ctrl.chat.


Some of you may remember the party we threw to celebrate DJPepe’s 5th Birthday!

More recently, we built the Emanate parcel.

Our mission ctrl.BUILDERS is to foster a community of motivated Metaverse builders. You can view more of our work at ctrl.gallery!

Total Requested Funding Amount: $8000 p/m

We are assuming a Tier 2, due to our previous work with NEAR, and connections to people such as @Dedeukwu and @vandal

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

Best wishes,


Hello @fishbrain, happy to see your introduction. Please be informed that you can request a max of $5k on your DAO in one month in Creatives DAO.

If you’d like to request more, please check the NEAR Grant Program.

If you want to create a funding proposal for Creatives DAO, please familiarize yourself with the two guides below:


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Great, thanks @Paul appreciate you! Will certainly do that in 1 month.

In the meantime, can we have a section set up for CTRL DAO in the forums?


No more spots are available on the forum for “categories”, sorry.
I created a custom tag for you (#ctrl-dao), please use this tag during the submission of all kinds of reports and proposals, as it’ll be easier for Creatives DAO mods to track your activity as a DAO.

Thank you!

Gotcha! Thanks @Paul yeah tag works.

Much appreciated!

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Heya @Paul

I understand a bit better how we can use this forum now. Would like to get your thoughts on this:

I believe it would also be a good idea to add #builders, #furniture, & #wearables tags.

Anybody on NEAR should be able to use these for submitting or responding to Bounty’s.

In addition, we’ll be adding these two categories as Groups within the DAO to direct the funding. I’m interested in exploring how we utilize Groups. I may have some questions for you!

If we wanted to go a little deeper with the tags, we can add a tag for each Metaverse platform.
#cryptovoxels, #decentraland, #sandbox #somnium-space, #reality-chain

On top of all this, CTRL DAO can utilize existing tags like #research, #design, #development, #education, #events etc. in the context of The Metaverse, or beyond. Our mandate, as a DAO, is primarily to handle matters related to the Metaverse, and this is our NEAR Outpost.

Hope this elucidates how I plan on running the ctrl.BUILDERS, as a category of CTRL DAO.

Just updated the first post to include tags, so the community can have their input on the Guild.

Also, @Paul can I request that we have a #builders tag set up?

Hi, @fishbrain! So glad you are opening a builders guild! So cool! I am letting @gushlewis @GeminiRising know about it. And Gvan and Liliia are part of it! I am so glad to see Voxels friends coming into near community of creatives. Thanks, @Dedeukwu, for helping them to set up the dao.

Generally we split introduction from the first funding proposal. And there is a path from 2,000 usd in first month, 3,000 in the second, and 5,000 in the third and other months, according to the previews success of the project in this path. Tier system for daos was frozen, as far as I know. Just letting you know.

I am super glad to see you all here.


This is cool, for specific projects with higher budgets:

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